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Marsh’s Mailbag: Jarren Williams as starter? Orange Bowl or Hard Rock Stadium? Alex Hornibrook To The Noles.

How will Alex Hornibrook transferring to FSU affect in 2019? And what position group for the Canes is most worrisome this season?

NCAA Football: Savannah State at Miami Jasen Vinlove-USA TODAY Sports

Once the regular season starts, do you think Lorenzo Lingard or Cam’Ron Davis will be higher on the depth chart?

I really like both backs, Lingard and Davis, and I especially liked what Davis was able to do later in the 2018 season. Ultimately, once Lorenzo gets healthy again, I believe that he’ll be the second running back on the depth chart behind DeeJay Dallas, and Davis will follow him. Though, I love the flexibility that Davis gives the Miami RB unit and he’ll still get plenty of playing time in 2019.

There’s been a lot of talk regarding Jarren Williams, and how some think that he’ll win the starting quarterback job regardless of the decision on Tate Martell. What are your thoughts?

I firmly believe in Williams’ talent, but I'm probably not as hyped on him as others around the Canes community. The tape he had in high school was unbelievable, but I was waiting all last season for him to show everyone something, and whether he didn’t step up in practice, or just the madness of Mark Richt, we weren’t able to see it. Williams has a very strong arm, which has been hiding from Miami quarterbacks lately, and while he’s not the scrambler that Martell or N’Kosi Perry is, his athleticism is better than people think. At the end of the day, I think all three quarterbacks have a wide open shot at winning the starting job, and I still believe people need to give Perry another chance.

What player coming off an injury last year will have the best 2019?

I'm torn between running back Lorenzo Lingard and defensive end Gregory Rousseau. Lingard, a sophomore, suffered an injury midway through 2018, and his talent immediately jumps out at you, and many believe that he’ll be sharing reps with DeeJay Dallas as first string running back. Rousseau played just two games last year, so he’s entering this season as a redshirt freshman, and is a monster at 6-foot-6, and is going to compliment Jonathan Garvin and Trevon Hill very well at the DE position.

Are you a fan of the Turnover Chain?

I absolutely love love love the Turnover Chain! I know some may disagree with me on this, but I think it’s a great boost to our team and just fits Miami so well. Case in point, last year against FSU, that game and stadium changed dramatically once Gerald Willis recovered a fumble and put the chain on when we started the comeback. I’m excited to see what coach Diaz brings out this season, since he’s said that there will be a new chain in 2019.

What excites you most about Dan Enos and his offense?

Besides hopefully scoring more points, what makes me most excited about new offensive coordinator Dan Enos and him coming on board is his success he’s had with quarterbacks. You look at the kind of season Tua Tagovailoa had at Alabama with Enos as his QB coach, and it was just amazing. I think Enos’ development with the quarterbacks Miami has now is going to be something that the Hurricanes haven’t had in a while.

What position group worries you the most?

Although I'm slightly worried about Miami’s defensive tackles, and whether or not Nesta Jade Silvera is up to the task, the offensive line is my most worrisome unit for the Canes. You just see how much this group struggled in 2018, and even with the hiring of new OL coach Butch Barry, and the addition of transfer tackle Tommy Kennedy, I'm still concerned. Plus there’s several spots on the line that is without a note-worthy starter, or starter at all for that matter. A strong offensive line is something Miami has been without for what seems like ages, and is critical if the Hurricanes want to go back to being dominant.

Will you be in attendance for the Florida game?

You know, I'm really trying to make it out to Orlando for that one. Only problem is flying out there when I'm living all the way out West, so if anyone wants to contribute to my travel fund I'll DM you my Venmo. My goal is to make it to at least two games this season, for sure the Virginia Tech matchup at home in October, and either the UF one or another home game. Thank you for your concern.

If you could bring back any Canes player from the 2018 season who would it be?

Without a doubt it’d be Gerald Willis. Yes I'd love to have back Jaquan Johnson, Michael Jackson Jr. or Joe Jackson, but I'm very confident in the players that are replacing those guys at their positions. Like I said, I'm a little worried about the defensive tackles for Miami, and just seeing how dominant Willis really was it’s pretty amazing. I mean, anyone would bring back the 18 TFLs Willis had in 2018.

Does Alex Hornibrook transferring to Florida State change your thoughts on the Seminoles for 2019?

Let’s get something straight; I'm not sure Hornibrook is even going to be day-one starter for Willie Taggart and the gang in Tallahassee. Hornibrook doesn’t have that massive offensive line he had at Wisconsin, nor does he have Jonathan Taylor at running back. Wouldn’t be surprised if James Blackman is the starter when the season opens. But back to the original question, no it doesn't, I think FSU is going to struggle again this year.

What non-transfer player has the most to prove this season?

Though I kind of want to say Nesta Silvera, I'm going to go with receiver Jeff Thomas. Given the whole fiasco with Thomas, from his dismissal from the team last November, to Manny Diaz bringing him back, I think there’s a lot for him to prove in 2019, and a lot of expectations are being placed on him now that he is back on the Hurricanes.

Will Hard Rock Stadium ever compare to the Orange Bowl?

What kind of insane question is this? Yes, Hard Rock Stadium has really outdone itself over the past few years with the renovations and the noise level, add on plus some incredible moments. But come on, the Orange Bowl won’t ever be touched. I grew up going to games in the OB, my father went to games in OB in the 80’s and 90’s. The atmosphere that it created, the horrible bathrooms, the noise from the 80,000 fans, the street vendors, nothing like it. Rest in peace the OB.