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Spring Practice #4 — Slight change in the quarterback rotation

Also, the defensive line continues to impose their will

Andrew Ivins, 247Sports

The second week of spring practice is under way and it seems like offensive coordinator Dan Enos has made a change in the quarterback rotation. When the offense lined up and went through air-routes together, it looked like Jarren Williams was leading the rotation, followed by N’Kosi Perry, then Tate Martell.

Based on my perspective from what the media was able to see throughout practice last week, which I need to emphasize isn’t very much compared to what they're doing without us in the building, Williams looked like the best quarterback out there.

Perry looked good, but missed a throw way behind Brevin Jordan with nobody in coverage. It should be pitch-and-catch in drills like that, but those intermediate routes are the ones that seem to get to him.

Martell needs to find some consistency. Some throws are on a rope with a zip that the other quarterbacks can’t match. Other times he looks like he hasn’t thrown a football in months. One particular throw today that stood out to me was a route to the back corner of the end-zone that looked just bad. It was wobbling all over the place and it seemed like everybody just gave up on the ball as soon as it came out. Work needs to be done with his throwing motion because this seems to be a trend with him that simply can’t continue to go on if he wants to start come August 24th.

All three quarterbacks got plenty of reps today as Williams threw to the receivers, Perry worked on passes to running backs, and Martell worked with the tight ends.

Jordan and Will Mallory may be one of the best tight end duo’s in the conference, if not the country next year. They both look healthy and more than capable of handling the work load. Enos even had a formation that had both of them lined up on the same side of the line, only to motion them both to the opposite side. The offensive staff is going to find a way to utilize both of their talents, as they should.

When it comes to pass catchers as a whole, we didn't see much today. We were on the opposite side of the field when I happened to glance over only to see Jeff Thomas running past striker Gilbert Frierson for a huge reception during 1-on-1 drills between them.

Right in front of us were the offensive and defensive lineman going at it for the second time this spring. The quarterback was under center and everybody knew a run was coming and they just let them compete.

As expected, the defensive line continues to be ahead of the offensive line. Nesta Silvera continues to make plays and even started clapping right in Butler transfer Tommy Kennedy’s face, who’s been working with the second-team line at center.

Redshirt freshman Jordan Miller also got an “atta-boy” from defensive line coach Todd Stroud for a play he made in the backfield. A lot of competition is on the way this summer at defensive line, so this is the time for the guys currently on the roster to make a mark.

When the offensive line would open up a hole, Cam’Ron Harris (formerly Cam’Ron Davis) and Deejay Dallas took advantage and exploded through them. With Lorenzo Lingard still sidelined, these two are establishing themselves as the one-two punch the ‘Canes are going to need.

The media also got a look at the Hurricanes second go-around of the “Big Cane” drill. It’s exciting watching the team get so hyped up to compete against one another. As Diaz said last week, it’s not about proving their toughness to the coaches, it’s about proving their toughness to their teammates.

One of the only clear winners I saw were WR Evidence Njoku, who somehow ended up swarmed by offensive players all the way back at the 10-yard line. It was a really cool moment.

Sophomore K Bubba Baxa was the other one I saw come up with a W on the “U.” There were more matchups but, again, it’s borderline impossible to see unless the matchup winds up outside of the circle that is 3-deep with people blocking the inside.

That’s all from me from practice #4. The Hurricanes will be back at practice Thursday morning. See you guys then.