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Marsh’s Mailbag: First Week Of Fall Camp, Offensive Line Issues, Tate vs Jarren.

Who’s impressed the most through the first week of spring practice? And what’s the biggest difference between Tate Martell and Jarren Williams?

NCAA Football: Miami at Virginia Tech Lee Luther Jr.-USA TODAY Sports

After the first week of fall camp, who impressed you the most?

I was impressed by several players what I read and also saw on video, though I think Jarren Williams stood out the most. He’s had quite the year, from not playing much in 2018 and nearly transferring from the program, to now where he’s expected to make a serious push for the starting role. Everything I heard about him the first week was positive, and seems to be winning the QB competition thus far.

Will we see any improvement from the offensive line?

Man, I really hope so. We all know that this unit was pretty rough in 2018, but with the hiring of new OL coach Butch Barry let’s pray that his NFL experience will rub off on these guys. I think that this season we will see improvement, and I really like some of the guys on the line so far, especially Corey Gaynor at center and Navaughn Donaldson moving back to his natural position of guard.

Any info on big name recruits?

4-star DB Keshawn Washington has re-committed to the Canes, 3-star DB Daran Branch committed to Miami as well. Other than that, nothing too crazy.

How surprised were you with the announcement of Tate Martell’s eligibility?

Honestly I wasn’t too surprised. Once it was announced that Cade Weldon would be transferring, I had a feeling, and I think a lot of Canes fans had the feeling that it meant Tate’s eligibility would be granted. Though because of Miami’s complicated past with the NCAA, I was still very skeptical up until the announcement was made on Martell.

What kind of production should we expect from K.J. Osborn?

I think the addition of Osborn is going to make a huge difference in Miami’s passing attack. It’s one thing to have Jeff Thomas and all of those talented sophomores at receiver; it’s another thing to add in a veteran guy like Osborn who had nearly 900 yards receiving in 2018 with seven touchdowns. He adds experience and a level of versatility to the receiver position that the Hurricanes need at the moment.

What is the difference between Jarren Williams and Tate Martell?

I believe they have a lot more similarities that differences, but there’s always a few things they don’t have in common. Martell presents more of a dual-threat attack at the quarterback position, and is more dangerous with his legs. Williams probably has the strongest arm of any of the Miami QB’s at the moment, and is more of a pocket-style thrower.

Who are the most talented players on Miami’s offense?

The level of talent that Miami has on the offensive side of the ball really is amazing, and something that fans will see more of in Dan Enos’ offense. As far as the most talented, I'd have to say Brevin Jordan, Tate Martell and Jeff Thomas.

Was it a mistake for Joe Jackson to declare one year early for the NFL Draft?

I don’t necessarily think the word mistake fits Jackson’s decision to leave early. The defensive end had a good showing at the Combine as well at Pro Day, and experts have him as an early second day draft pick with a ton of upside. Of course it’s sad to see him leave Miami early, but as long as he’s tearing it up, who can blame him? We wish 99 nothing but the best.

What’s one game on Miami’s 2019 schedule that people are overlooking?

I really really like this question, because I've been thinking about this a lot lately. I think going up to North Carolina week two could be a little tricky. I know that the Tar Heels went 2-9 last season, but as we all know, going up to Chapel Hill is never a fun situation, and especially since they have Mack Brown in there at head coach, there’s going to be a ton of hype when we travel up there. Then also going up to Duke in late November scares me a little bit because of the weather, and also because Duke plays us hard.

What’s the number one thing that Tate Martell brings to the Hurricanes offense?

One thing that Martell brings to the Miami offense is his confidence, and that’s something that was touched on by multiple people during the first week of spring camp. The past few seasons, last year especially, Hurricanes quarterbacks played without confidence and it was evident as the season went on. Also Martell’s crazy athleticism is a factor that has many people excited for the fall.

What was the first Canes game you ever went to?

Oh boy, the first Canes game I ever went to was in 2002, Miami vs Florida State. My dad took my brother and I, I was eight years old, and whoever was at that game will remember how bloody hot it was in the Orange Bowl that day. It’s a shame I don’t remember all that well the actual game, but I do recall the screen pass to Willis McGahee and the missed Seminoles field goal.