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Spring Practice #5 — Brevin Jordan’s injury not expected to sideline him long

Rumors swirling around an injury to the ‘Canes star tight end not too serious

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— The rumor roaming around social media following the Hurricanes practice on Tuesday was that starting tight end Brevin Jordan suffered a knee injury. The first thing people tend to think of when you hear “knee” is an ACL, MCL, and/or meniscus tear. It’s a scary thought to have, but luckily anything of that severity was avoided in this case.

Per Manny Navarro of The Athletic, Jordan suffered a bruised knee that should only keep him out for a short time.

— The quarterback rotation looked like Jarren Williams, N’Kosi Perry, and Tate Martell in that order. Perry specifically didn't have a very good day. He missed wide open receivers too often being either too far, too short, or throwing behind them. It certainly wasn’t his best day out there and probably the worst I personally feel he has looked all spring.

Williams showed flashes again of why he could be the starter, but came up short on back-to-back reps when receivers were running skinny posts to the end zone. I would say they were at least 35+ yard throws and he didn't reach his receiver. Those are throws that just can't be under thrown the way they were, especially with nobody in coverage.

Martell actually looked pretty good out there today. The ball still comes out wobbly but if you see the result of the throws they're often where they need to be. I’m probably becoming immune to the fact that he doesn't throw a spiral very often, but the ball was flying out of his hand and was on target more often than it was in previous practices, despite one hitting me again while I stood on the sideline.

— Today we saw the Hurricanes running some play-action under center today, which is something that we haven't seen from a Hurricanes offense in some time.

There are a lot of new wrinkles in this offense that I’m certain even we in the media haven't seen.

Also, the Hurricanes are very lucky to have a guy like Dan Enos running this offense. He is a no nonsense kind of guy that is holding these quarterbacks, the offense, and his own staff to a ridiculously high standard.

The receivers weren't aligned correctly during a portion of practice that was closed to video and photos and he tore into wide receivers coach Taylor Stubblefield for not having them in the right place for that particular call.

— Stubblefield was having his players give him 10-15 pushups depending on what he felt they weren't doing correctly. Reasons ranged from not going after the ball with two hands to not running the route the way they wanted to. Sophomore Dee Wiggins and true freshman Jeremiah Payton were among those disciplined.

— The Hurricanes did some offensive line/defensive line work again today, but implemented some play-action passes. Will Mallory was a primary pass catcher in that drill with Jordan sidelined.

Too often there was a mishandling of the snap between center and quarterback and I want to say two or three times the ball just ended up on the ground with the defense scooping it up. Offensive line coach Butch Barry wasn't thrilled with his group.

George Brown Jr. also stepped into the first team right tackle spot with John Campbell apparently sidelined. It is not a serious injury and they kept him out of the drill.

— Nesta Silvera plays football with bad intentions. Tuesday he was clapping in Tommy Kennedy’s face and today it looked like there was some actual shoving going on between the two. Silvera even shoved Jarren Williams who was trying to break them up.

With Kennedy playing center on the second team line across from Silvera, it is not shocking that the two have developed this sort of rivalry, which kind of seems instigated by Silvera . Regardless, it is exciting to see a guy with the fire that he has at that position. When you think of the term “trench bully” it’s hard to find somebody on this roster that encompasses it more than him.

— The Big Cane drill is becoming a regular part of practice and today’s only clear winner to me was LG Navaughn Donaldson. There were more of course, but the drill is more of a representation of the competitive nature Manny Diaz is instilling in every single practice.

That’s all from me today. The Hurricanes 6th practice will be Saturday morning and I’ll have more for you then. Go Canes!