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Miami Hurricanes News & Notes: The AC was shut off in the IPF heading into scrimmage #2

‘Canes turn up the heat before going public

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New Era Pinstripe Bowl - Miami v Wisconsin Photo by Sarah Stier/Getty Images

The spring game is 10 days away and scrimmage #2 for the Hurricanes is this weekend. Saturday, April 13th at noon Miami’s scrimmage will be open to the public and media at Traz Powell Stadium. Hopefully someone sneaks a good camera in so I can see the action. For now I can just assume the quarterback is:


SOTU is a little quiet, Dylan Sherry wrote about Jeff Thomas with the piece, “Jeff Thomas Already Impressing in His Return to Miami

Local Rags

The Herald’s Susan Miller Degnan wrote, “Things got steamy at Miami practice, with scrimmage nearing. And about that O-line...” Which covers Diaz turning the AC off in the IPF and the shuffling around of the O-Line.

All of the local papers seemed to cover Jeff Thomas on April 9th including: The Athletic, The Miami Herald, and the Sun Sentinel.

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