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Spring Practice #11 — Dan Enos is as fired up as ever as the Hurricanes approach their second scrimmage

The offense is far from perfect through three weeks, but give Enos time

Andrew Ivins, 247Sports

I don't know if Dan Enos needed the Miami Hurricanes, but the Miami Hurricanes certainly needed Dan Enos. He was on his way to being the offensive coordinator for the Alabama Crimson Tide, a job that would surely result in instant success with one of the three best quarterbacks in all of college football and a plethora of returning players that helped lead an offense that scored 45.6 points per game.

Every single time I have stepped onto the practice field, I have questioned the move. I understand that he bought what Manny Diaz was selling and he has faith in the young coach, but how could one turn down the opportunity to coach greatness in Heisman trophy runner-up Tua Tagovailoa and Biletnikoff Award winning wide receiver Jerry Jeudy to coach an offense that struggled against below average ACC teams a year ago?

Regardless of his motives, I can't help but be extremely grateful that he is here. The passion and energy that he brings to Coral Gables every day is admirable. His standards for excellence is exactly what this Hurricanes offense, which has so many questions across the board, needs.

And three weeks into the installation of his offense, he is as fired up as ever in demanding greatness. Each and every rep features the creator of the offense expecting better from his unit, whether that be quarterbacks, running backs, receivers, and, often, other coaches. His colleagues aren't exempt from a nice ripping.

Today, specifically, we saw a lot of said rippings. A receiver didn't motion the way he was supposed to on the play and Enos dug into him for it. And then he did it again. Same play, same failed motion. Enos wasn’t happy.

“You only saw the play eight times on tape” Enos said ferociously.

Another time, Tate Martell dropped back and hit Mark Pope perfectly in stride. At first glance I was impressed with the catch and throw — it was right on his fingertips as his arms stretched out fully to reel in the throw. But Enos had other ideas.

His signature visor shot off his head in disappointment before screaming, “that's not right, Taylor!” referring to his wide receivers coach Taylor Stubblefield.

During one particular point in practice he called out the receivers loudly for not catching the ball, but quickly shifted his focus to Martell, who he felt was taking too long to get the play call out.

One thing you will never be able to question about this offense is the coaching that is in place. There are so many differences between this offense and the historically bad offense we saw a year ago, schematically.

However, the personnel is very much the same. There is a steep learning curve and the fact of the matter is that the offense just isn't there yet. The defense dominated the scrimmage last Saturday at Columbus High School, but as Enos said, they are on year four of their program and the offense is on week four.

I say that to say that no matter what you see from the offense this coming Saturday at Traz Powell, try not to jump to any conclusions. This offense is far from being complete. There will be no quarterback decision any time soon. Try (which I know is a lot to ask) to manage your expectations for the time being. Give Enos, who is a fantastic coach, time to build the offense the way he wants to build it. It is not going to happen over night.

** Mike Harley, Brian Hightower, Brevin Jordan, Jon Ford and Corey Gaynor were not at practice today.