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Marsh’s Mailbag: N’Kosi Perry Improving, Trevon Hill Impact, Who’s My Favorite All-Time Canes QB?

Why didn’t Tate Martell play at Ohio State? What kind of an impact will Trevon Hill have? These questions and more.

NCAA Football: Notre Dame at Miami Jasen Vinlove-USA TODAY Sports

Why has N’Kosi Perry been so good lately? And why did he struggle under Mark Richt?

I think people are under the assumption that because Perry struggled a little bit in 2018, that he’s not a talented quarterback. We have to remember that this guy was a top-200 prospect and also the seventh rated dual-threat QB coming out of high school.

I think there’s several reasons as to why he’s been having a good spring thus far. First, I believe that Perry feels that he has something to prove, especially after a rocky year las season, and with Jarren Williams and Tate Martell expected to start. Second, Dan Enos coming in as QB coach and OC definitely is helping out a ton.

As to why Perry struggled with Mark and Jon Richt, I could devote an entire article to that question alone. I just don't think it was a situation where a young quarterback could come in and feel confident in his abilities. If you look back at the 2018 season, Perry was being subbed in and out for the duration of the year, so how can a 20-year old kid feel confident and be able to thrive when being faced with that?

Is Robert Knowles going to have a significant role on the defense, and do you think he can handle it if so?

Significant? No. I don’t think Knowles is going to play a significant role on this Miami defense, but I do think he’s going to play a role. When the season rolls around, I expect Amari Carter, Bubba Bolden and Gurvan Hall to be the main safeties, but I then I think Knowles is the next guy. He’s a fifth year senior, so his experience is going to help out. Last year he definitely struggled, especially against LSU, but let’s hope he can be a leader and help the younger guys develop.

If Tate Martell is supposed to “the” guy at Miami, why didn't he play at Ohio State?

Just because he didn’t start over Dwayne Haskins, who’s a possible top-10 pick in the NFL Draft, doesn’t mean he can’t be “the guy.” There’s a reason why Martell didn’t lose a game in high school, and also a reason why he was one of the top transfer players in the country; the dude can play. I don’t know all the reasons why he didn’t start for the Buckeyes, but I do know that his package wasn’t working for the Ohio State offense, simple as that. It was clear that Haskins fit Urban Meyer’s gameplan better. Why didn’t Tua Tagovailoa start as a freshman? Or why didn't Jarren Williams start last season for Miami? Sometimes these guys just have to wait their turn, but it doesn’t mean they can’t play.

What kind of impact is Trevon Hill going to have once he arrives at Miami?

I think adding Trevon Hill is going to do wonders for the Hurricanes defense. They’re trying to replace Joe Jackson from last season, and Hill will step right in there and be a constant force on the defensive line. He only played in three games in 2018, but in those games he racked up 3.5 sacks, so the talent is obviously there. You put him and Jonathan Garvin, or even Gregory Rousseau on the line together and it’s going to be absolute mayhem.

Who is Miami’s biggest threat within the ACC Coastal in 2019?

I’m torn between Virginia Tech and Virginia, but I think the Hokies are the biggest threat to the Hurricanes in the Coastal division. Both Miami and Va Tech were disappointing in 2018, but it looks like the Hokies have several things brewing this upcoming year in Blacksburg. Tech needs to figure out their quarterback situation as well as several other positions, and they also come to Hard Rock Stadium in early October.

Who’s one freshman that we can expect to play a role this year?

My number one freshman who I think is going to make plays in 2019 is wide receiver Jeremiah Payton. All we’ve heard about this early-enrollee is good things, and Miami’s receiving corp is good, but at times they’re unable to show forth their true potential. So if guys like Mark Pope or Dee Wiggins aren’t performing, then Payton can go in there and make plays like he has been doing this spring.

Is it that the Hurricanes defensive line is so good or is our offensive line so bad?

This is an interesting question. Yes, the Miami d-line has had an impressive spring so far, but on the other hand it’s a little alarming about the offensive line, especially when you look at the stats from Miami’s first scrimmage this past Saturday. The Hurricanes defensive line is going to be a problem for opponents, they’re really that good in my opinion. As far as the o-line goes, there are still many issues that they need to work-out, and yes they have a long way to go.

What does Manny Diaz have to accomplish in his first year for people to be happy?

Miami fans are only happy if we’re holding that National Championship trophy at the end of the year. However, realistically speaking, if the Canes are able to win 10 games, capture the Coastal division, and beat Florida State, then they should be pretty happy in my eyes.

Was Dan Enos your first choice for offensive coordinator?

He wasn't my first choice for the OC position, but that’s just because I didn’t think he was available, and to be honest, my opinion doesn't matter all that much! I thought for sure Major Applewhite or Larry Fedora was going to take the offensive coordinator job, but again, I didn’t think Enos was open. When it was announced that Diaz was hiring Enos, I was ecstatic, his track record is amazing and it’s already showing that he was the right guy.

What’s one Canes game in history you wish you attended?

This is a great question. Because Miami has such an incredibly rich history, it’s hard to pick just one game that I would've gone to. However, if I could choose one, it would be Miami vs Florida State in 2000. This classic is definitely one of my favorite matchups when it comes to UM-FSU, and it also really started the Canes dynasty in the early 2000’s. The fact that it was in the Orange Bowl, Jeremey Shockey scoring the go-ahead touchdown, and also that FSU lost the game with a wide-right field goal? Doesn’t get much better than that.

Favorite Miami quarterback of all-time?

Just like picking a game that I could've gone to, this question is nearly impossible. When your school has five national titles, the amount of legendary quarterbacks are many. You think of guys like Bernie Kosar, Craig Erickson and Gino Torretta, it’s hard to pick just one, but I was asked the question so I'll answer it. Ken Dorsey is my favorite Canes QB of all-time. When you go 38-2 as a starter, including a national championship, 3-0 against Florida State, it’s hard to disagree with number-11.

What’s the process on Lorenzo Lingard?

From what I know, and that’s very limited, is that he won't be participating at all in the spring. He’s rehabbing his injury he suffered last season, and just expect to see him in fall camp.