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Nine Times When Michael Irvin Loved Miami More Than You Loved Miami

Michael Irvin’s love for the Miami Hurricanes has never, ever, been in question.

ACC Football Championship - Clemson v Miami Photo by Streeter Lecka/Getty Images

It’s quite possible that there isn’t a more beloved Miami Hurricane than the great Michael Irvin. A receiver in the 1980’s and a member of the 1987 National Championship team at UM, Irvin epitomized what being a Cane was all about. Although it’s been more than 20 years since number-47 suited up for UM, his love for the program is still stronger as ever. Several times his passion for Miami was so insane and amazing, that I just had to count them down.

  1. Post Miami win over FSU in 2017

For seven consecutive years, Florida State somehow found a way to defeat Miami, and as we all know, each defeat was harder than the last. Whether it was the Noles coming back in 2014 with Jameis Winston, or blocking a Canes extra point in 2016, it was pure hell being a Hurricanes fans for seven straight years. Then finally in 2017, thanks to a miracle touchdown pass from Malik Rosier to Darrell Langham in the closing seconds, the Canes finally broke their losing streak to FSU. Now all of us Miami fans were happy beyond measure, but Irvin may have surpassed us.

2. Pre-scrimmage speech in 2011

Imagine you’re on the 2011 Miami Hurricanes team, you’re about to go out for your spring game, and in walks Michael Irvin. As he begins speaking it’s all fine and dandy, passion is definitely there. Then all of a sudden, “I swear to you, you can’t find a person that worked harder than I did, because I was scared. I was scared of Eddie Brown and Stanley Shakespeare, the receivers...that played before me...saying...I didn’t carry that sh*t that they gave me!” To this day, one of the greatest, if not the greatest speech in the history of the program.

3. Throwing up The U at the 2016 NFL Draft.

Sometimes you just have to throw up The U, it’s just in our blood as Canes fans. On center stage in the 2016 NFL Draft, Irvin did just that. He was also announcing the pick for his NFL team, the Dallas Cowboys.

4. Irvin and Warren Sapp throwing up The U on the NFL Network

Marshall Faulk and Rich Eisen should’ve known better on this one. While debating who’s more important, Ray Lewis or Troy Polamalu, during a show on the NFL Network, Irvin and fellow former-Cane Warren Sapp couldn’t help but voice their opinion on Lewis, who is also another former UM player. And as you can tell, Irvin got a little excited after throwing up The U with Sapp.

5. Irvin arriving to work the day after Miami beats Notre Dame in 2017

Not too many people will fly from Los Angeles to Miami and back to L.A. in a span of just over 24 hours for a football game. Then again, not many people are like Michael Irvin. The Playmaker made the long journey to see one of the biggest Miami games in over a decade, and ultimately a 41-8 Canes smackdown of Notre Dame.

6. Hyping Miami fans up prior to the Canes and Irish game in 2017

Less than 24 hours from his return to NFL Network studios, Irvin was seen pumping up Canes fans as Miami prepared to take on the Irish.

7. Irvin’s speech prior to Miami vs FSU in 2014

If there’s three things that’ll get your heart pumping and adrenaline flowing, its Miami vs FSU, the song In The Air Tonight (drum solo), and Michael Irvin giving you a pump-up speech before Miami vs FSU with In The Air Tonight playing in the background. Do your job. That’s all you have to say.

8. When Irvin got VERY excited about Miami’s NIT game in 2015

I think Irvin is the only person in the country that would get this visibly excited over an NIT Tournament game. I mean I love the Canes, but I'm not getting that pumped up over a non-NCAA Tournament game. Irvin is screaming in a way that you would’ve thought Miami had just won their third-straight National Championship.

9. Showing an insane amount of emotion Miami vs LSU 2018

Unfortunately for Irvin and Miami fans everywhere, there wasn’t much cheering going on passed the first quarter when the Canes played LSU last year. A mixture of Miami ranked in the top-10 at that point, and that UM was playing in Dallas, it brought Irvin to an incredible amount fo excitement over a simple first down.

As you can see, Michael Irvin is a different breed of Miami Hurricane, and that’s why he’ll always be number-one in our hearts. If I'm missing anything let me know!