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Spring Practice #6 — Dan Enos continues to add wrinkles to the Hurricanes offense

The quarterbacks are starting to show improvement across the board

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The media portion of spring practice number six started with the Hurricanes quarterbacks working on handoffs out of the I-formation with a fullback. I believe that redshirt freshman Realus George could have a role in this offense as long as he continues to progress and shows he can be a trustworthy blocker for Dan Enos and the Hurricanes offense.

When the wide receivers joined the quarterbacks for drills, Enos made it a priority to be extremely hands on with his pass catchers. He meticulously worked with freshman wide out Jeremiah Payton and had him redo a rep — walking the early enrolle through the exact way the route is expected to be run. Here is some video of that interaction along with another of Enos and receivers:

— I feel like all of the quarterbacks are getting better. N’Kosi Perry, Jarren Williams, and Tate Martell flashed today and none of them did anything in particular that stood out negatively. A couple missed slightly on some throws, as expected, but they also made some eye-popping plays.

In back-to-back reps, N’Kosi Perry and Jarren Williams dropped perfect passes on deep balls to their receivers. They were the type of throws that the best defense couldn't defend —perfectly placed and right in the bread basket. I’m more concerned about those two throwing the ball well on five-yard routes, which they both had their struggles with, than on deep balls.

Dee Wiggins didn't have his best day out there. He dropped enough passes that it caught my attention and that needs to be fixed. All in all, the receivers need to get better —it’s that simple.

Brevin Jordan wasn't seen at practice today although he was said to be day-to-day last Thursday.

— A really cool moment during Big Cane drills today was Manny Diaz calling out two of his graduate assistants to go at it on The U. The offensive GA won his rep and proceeded to sprint down the field and past the end zone where he was met by the entire offense and they had themselves a little jump party before branching back out into group work.

— The offensive and defensive line continued to work against one another and the rotation on both sides looked the same to me.

And for the first time this spring, I feel like the offensive line held their own. That’s not to say the defensive line didn't dominate on some reps. They did, but that's expected. I was pleasantly surprised by the line and how they fought today.

I didn't see any botched snaps and the running backs were able to find some clean holes in and explode through them to get behind the front seven.

Nesta Silvera was once again a standout due to his competitiveness and will to dominate (and to let everybody know he dominated). It was Corey Gaynor who felt the wrath of Silvera this morning with a little extra holding and tugging on one another after a rep today.

After the drill was over and as the media was being escorted out of the facility, the sophomore defensive tackle had some thoughts that he cheerfully shared out loud. They were something along the lines of, “nobody can block me” to put it elegantly.

— Last note of Tuesdays practice is that Greentree is fully sodded, but I don't expect the Hurricanes to use the outdoor practice facility at all this spring.