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Our 13 Favorite DeeJay Dallas Moments: “The Ambassador”

Looking back at some of the best DeeJay Dallas moments from his first two years at Miami.

NCAA Football: Pittsburgh at Miami Steve Mitchell-USA TODAY Sports

Today, we countdown some of the best moments that DeeJay Dallas has given us, AKA “The Ambassador.”

Wildcat run against Wisconsin

In the 2017 Orange Bowl, Dallas’ use of the Wildcat Formation ignited the Hurricanes offense in the first half against Wisconsin. First, Dallas contributed in Miami’s first scoring drive in the pass game. Then, with the Canes up 7-3 later in the first quarter, Dallas took it 39-yards to the house.

2. Stop booing Malik

Early and throughout the 2018 season, there was much criticism directed towards Miami’s starting quarterback Malik Rosier. Then, following a 49-24 victory over Toledo in September, where Rosier accounted for five total touchdowns, Dallas told everyone what to do with their criticism.

3. Talking to the Toledo student section

One of our favorite things about Dallas is that he’s loud and confident, just like a Miami Hurricane should be. Almost nothing represented that better then when the Canes were warming up before playing Toledo, and 13 decided to have some fun with the opposing student section.

4. “We won't beg”

So this happened on two separate occasions. The first was towards the end of the 2018 season, prior to Miami’s bowl game, and being 7-5 there was obvious panic around the UM program. However, Dallas responded perfectly, saying that the program wasn’t in shambles and that Miami wasn’t going to “beg” for players to come to UM.

This also happened recently when a certain prominent recruited decommitted from Miami....

5. His punt return against Pitt

We all know that Dallas is deadly when it comes to punt returning, and on several cases we saw him nearly take one to the end zone, against FSU and also Boston College. Finally, in the last regular season game in 2018 against Pitt, the Georgia native was able to go the distance.

6. Pass blocking against Va Tech

Another one of my favorite things about Dallas is that he’s both a complete team player and complete football player. Not only can he take the handoff and go up five yards up the middle and run you over, but he can also take out defensive lineman and blow them up while blocking.

7. Breaking out against Toledo on his birthday

Ok, maybe it was the day before his birthday, but we can still put it on the list. At Toledo in 2018, on September 15th, day before his birthday, Dallas had himself a career day up to that point. Dallas finished the day with 110 yards a touchdown, en route to a 49-24 victory for the Hurricanes.

8. Waving the flag after the win against FSU

It was the perfect way to end a perfect day. Miami defeats FSU 24-20 for the first time in seven years, and Dallas put the final touch on the win.

9. Seeking help for his fumbling issues

No player is perfect, and last season, DeeJay went through a phase where fumbling was an issue, coughing the ball up three times in two games. However, Dallas didn’t sit back and feel sorry for himself, he went and got help from sports psychologist Dr. Eric Goldstein.

10. Slip and slide against duke

While it was one of the forgettable games of the 2018 season for the Hurricanes, Dallas had the best day of his career. On a rain-soaked field at Hard Rock Stadium, Dallas rushed for 124 yards plus a long 83-yard touchdown against Duke.

11. Wildcat and touchdown against Notre Dame

During Miami’s 41-8 thumping of the Irish in 2017, Dallas had him a few big plays as just a freshman. First, using the Wildcat Formation that we love so much, Dallas was able to shimmy his way for a huge gain in the first half setting up a Canes score.

Then later in the game near the goal-line, Dallas flew like Superman into the end zone for a Miami touchdown for one of his two touchdowns that night.

12. This video

This is seriously one of my favorite Canes videos of all-time, for a few reasons. One, because this was prior to the Savannah State game following the loss to LSU, and for some reason seeing DeeJay and the rest of the guys made me feel that everything was ok. Second reason why I love it, is because it’s the future of our program, Deejay, Trajan Bandy and Nesta Jade Silvera leading the team out.

13. “I’ll be here”

Another one of my favorite videos of all time in Canes history. Prior to the Miami-FSU game in 2018, the two teams got into a little bit of shoving and talking as they concluded their pre-game warmups. Notably, you can hear Deejay and Noles defender Dontavious Jackson jawing it up with each other.