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100 Greatest Plays In Miami History: #95-Sean Taylor Fake-punt Touchdown Against Syracuse In 2002

The first of several Sean Taylor moments makes an appearance, and takes us back to 2002.

Rolle and Taylor jump to celebrate Photo by Rick Stewart/Getty Images

Sean Taylor was one of the greatest ever to put on a Miami Hurricanes jersey, and for three seasons he gave us some of the most memorable moments in UM history.

One of those moments came towards the end of the 2002 season. Taylor and the number-one ranked Hurricanes were running roughshod over everyone in their path, and a November matchup brought Miami to upstate New York to take on Syracuse.

The game was over pretty much from the start, and the Orangemen were simply overwhelmed by the defending national champions from Coral Gables.

With under six minutes to go and up 35-7, Canes punter Freddie Capshaw lined up on a 4th-and-21, with everyone in attendance expecting a Miami punt. However, Capshaw faked the kick, and threw a slant to Taylor over the middle, who then took it the distance for a touchdown.

While the Syracuse fans greeted the play with a chorus of boos, us as Miami fans will always look at this highlight and smile.