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100 Greatest Plays In Miami History: #88-Ottis Anderson Run Against Auburn In 1978

A run by Ottis Anderson against Auburn in 1978 laid the foundation for a future Miami dynasty.

Ottis Anderson Giants Photo by Rick Stewart/Getty Images

Ottis Anderson is one of the forgotten Hurricanes of all time, and yet one of the greatest and most important players in Miami history. The running back who would go on to help the Giants win a Super Bowl in 1990, Anderson first got recognized while going to school in Coral Gables.

A product of West Palm Beach, Anderson was one of the Hurricanes first real stars, and 1978 was a year to remember. In that season, Anderson rushed for 1,266 yards and eight touchdowns.

This was at a time when Miami was still struggling to keep their football program alive under coach Lou Saban. In 1978, the Hurricanes traveled to Alabama to take on the Auburn Tigers, who were ranked 19th in the nation. With Miami trialing 15-14 late in the fourth quarter, Anderson took a handoff deep in UM’s territory, and busted open a long run that put the Canes in field goal range. Three points later, and the Hurricanes stunned the Tigers with 17-15 victory.

The victory laid the foundation and was a small step in the right direction for when Howard Schnellenberger came the following season in 1979.