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100 Greatest Plays In Miami Hurricanes History: #87 James Lewis’ pick six in the 2001 Rose Bowl

The Hurricanes were already dominating, but Lewis closed the coffin

WVA v Miami X

Today, I’m quickly taking you back to one of the greatest days in Miami Hurricanes history — the 2002 Rose Bowl against Nebraska and Heisman winning quarterback Eric Crouch.

The Canes got off to a hot start and led 14-0 after a 49-yard touchdown catch by Andre Johnson and a 39-yard touchdown run by Clinton Portis.

But the play were highlighting today may have been the biggest gut-punch for Nebraska. The momentum already belonged to Miami, but the Huskers had the ball down 14 with a chance to bring the game within a score.

Instead, on 3rd and 7 with thirteen minutes left in the first half Eric Crouch dropped back to pass and threw a dart that went right through the hands of his receiver directly into James Lewis’ and he took it back 42 yards for a touchdown.

The Hurricanes would have undoubtedly won this game regardless, but a drive that could have potentially brought the game within seven wound up putting the Huskers in an insurmountable three touchdown hole.

So thank you, James Lewis, for burying the Cornhuskers and leading the Hurricanes to their fifth national championship.

(Find the play at 1:53)