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Dan Mullen Not Opposed To Home/Home Series With Miami

Dan Mullen said he isn’t opposed to a series with Miami, could this be the start of something?

Florida v Miami Photo by Mike Ehrmann/Getty Images

Something that we need in our lives every year is Miami and Florida playing each other in football. Not every 10 years, or in some cases every 15 years, this is a rivalry that should be played every season.

When asked about a possible home-and-home series with the Hurricanes, Gators coach Dan Mullen told Brett McMurhphy that he, “wouldn’t be opposed to it.”

It’s hard to judge just how enthusiastic Mullen sounded when answering this question, but it looks like there’s someone in Gainesville that finally gets it. Now whether or not this goes further than Mullen and this article is a whole other story.

This matchup used to be a fierce rivalry that both schools would look forward to each and every year. With the exception of 1943, Miami and Florida played each other every season from 1938 until 1987. The two programs would battle for

Because the SEC started scheduling seven conference games instead of six, the yearly series ended in 1988. Steve Spurrier tried to bring it back in 1992, but the SEC again increased the number of conference games to eight. Or so they say.......

Miami and Florida didn't play again until 2000, and that’s only because they matched up in the Sugar Bowl. They did play each other in 2003, 2004 (Peach Bowl), 2008 and 2013, and of course they’re set to do battle in the opening game of the 2019 season.

Sadly however, they have no further scheduled games.

As for Hurricanes fans, and I'm speaking for everyone, we’d love to see UM-UF get back to where it once was. I could understand not being able to play every season, but they should at least agree on meeting up every two to three years. We have Miami-FSU, UF-FSU, we’re just missing the third piece to the Florida triangle of football madness.