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The QB’s Will Be Better in 2019!

The talent is there for a turnaround.

NCAA Football: Florida State at Miami Jasen Vinlove-USA TODAY Sports

We have heard for 6 months just how terrible Miami’s passing game was in 2018. This has been beaten over our head by every analyst , every magazine, and every website going into 2019. Miami’s QBs were not good in 2018, and we know that.

2175 Yards

51.4% completion percentage

19 Touchdowns

14 Interceptions

6.1 Yards per Attempt

167.3 Yards per Game

These are stats that would make your middle of the road high school coach cringe. These numbers are brutally unacceptable at a school that was once known as QBU. The time is now to start supporting N’Kosi, Tate, Jarren, Peyton or whoever else takes snaps this upcoming year.


The biggest mistake in Mark Richt’s tenure at Miami was the Quarterback roulette that he decided to play last year. The second he pulled N’Kosi Perry in the 2nd Quarter vs Virginia, the season was over. Malik Rosier had his warts, and was never the same guy in 2018. A big part of that was constantly looking over his shoulder at Perry, and the same could be said for Perry, looking over his shoulder at Malik. Richt failed his offense by constantly shuttling these 2 guys in and out of games, and ultimately not allowing Jarren Williams to get any meaningful snaps.

The best part though is all of these guys are getting a fresh start. Dan Enos is in to transform the offense. Manny Diaz brings a new more aggressive and accountability based approach, and all of the kids realize that they can win the job with hard work and the dedication needed to lead this squad. Manny needs to find a QB, and let him lead the way all season long.


One of the big arguments about Miami’s predicted success(or lack thereof) is most analysts assume Miami will be just as bad throwing the ball again. Here are some QB’s in year 1.

QB1 - 58.5% 3198 Yards 26 TDs 12 Ints

QB2 - 59.5% 686 Yards 5 TDs 7 Ints

QB3 - 65.9% 3440 Yards 30 TDs 8 Ints

QB4 - 50.8% 1091 13 TDs 6 Ints

Looking at the above numbers, QB 1 and 3 look like they are the best players on the board. This is not the case, as QB2 is Kyler Murray in his freshman campaign at Texas A&M. Once he got a new scheme and a chance to be himself, the Heisman and the NFL were soon to follow.

Western Carolina v Texas A&M Photo by Eric Christian Smith/Getty Images

QB1 was Brad Kaaya in his 1st year as Miami’s starter. Had the Canes got that production a year ago they are a 10 win ball club.

Miami v Pittsburgh Photo by Justin K. Aller/Getty Images

QB3 is Brandon Allen at Arkansas in his 1st year with Dan Enos as the OC. The year before Enos showed up Allen’s numbers were much more pedestrian.56% 2285 20 TDs 5 Ints

Missouri v Arkansas Photo by Wesley Hitt/Getty Images

QB4 was N’Kosi, and obviously those numbers have to improve.

Pittsburgh v Miami Photo by Michael Reaves/Getty Images

The talent is on the roster, and the QB room is in better shape than it has been in a very long time. It is time to believe in these kids, and stop allowing the national(or local) media to shape your opinion of how good this offense can be.