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The Five Most Memorable Canes Football Players of the Decade

The Canes have had some memorable players over the decade, but which ones truly made their mark during the 2010’s?

NCAA Football: Notre Dame at Miami
One of Berrios’ most memorable moments at The U; his touchdown catch against Notre Dame.
Jasen Vinlove-USA TODAY Sports

Although the Miami Hurricanes have had somewhat of a dim decade of football, they certainly haven’t been devoid of unforgettable players. The Canes have had hard-hitting linebackers and safeties, athletic freaks at receiver and running back, and a bunch of players who have left behind an indelible legacy at The U. As the 2010’s come to a close, let’s take a look back at the five most memorable Canes of the decade.

Honorable Mention- Darrell Langham, WR

Look, there’s no way we can start an article about memorable Canes players without at least giving a mention to Langham’s unbelievable two-week stretch in 2017. Darrell ended almost a decade’s worth of heartbreak with his game-winning TD against FSU, and then followed it up the next week with an absurd 4th down catch in the rain to save the Canes against Georgia Tech (he was also the leading receiver with 100 yards in that game). Who knows how Miami’s magical 2017 season turns out without Langham’s two game-saving catches.

5. Denzel Perryman, LB

The local kid, (literally, he went to high school in Coral Gables), became a venerable figure on what were some extremely lackluster Canes defenses in the early 2010’s. As shown in the video, Perryman had a knack for highlight-making hits, which he will be remembered for certainly as time goes on. There will always be this unforgettable highlight of him doing Sean Taylor-esque push-ups after dropping an interception. He was inexplicably flagged for this, but he went on to pick off a pass almost immediately after, which made the whole sequence incredibly memorable. Perryman was also exceptional on a rough Canes defense, as he was an All-ACC selection during his junior and senior seasons. During what was the Dark Ages for UM’s defense, the Miami native stood out, and he’ll always be remembered by Canes fans.

4. Ahmmon Richards, WR

Despite Ahmmon’s career being cruelly ended so early due to injury, Richards left an impact at Miami that will always be remembered by Canes fans. Richards, a South Florida kid, wowed Canes fans with his athleticism and play-making ability. He reminded fans what it was like to have a truly elite wide receiver, especially considering UM’s history of incredible receivers. It’s truly a shame that Ahmmon had his career cut short, but the legacy he left behind, particularly his unbelievable freshman season, makes him a favorite for UM fans.

3. Jaquan Johnson, S

Once again a Miami kid through and through, Jaquan was simply a remarkable player for UM, and was always Mr. Reliable for the defense. Our very own Marshall Thomas does a great job summing up Johnson’s legacy, as he certainly reminded Canes fans of the greats, Ed Reed and Sean Taylor. Johnson always had a knack for making big plays when needed most, and as Marshall put it, none were bigger then his INT against Virginia in 2017. With the Canes’ undefeated season on life support, Jaquan did what he does best, make a play. Johnson was always good at make a jaw-dropping plays, like his momentum-killing INT against Virginia Tech, in a game with massive stakes. Johnson will always be remembered for stepping up, which is always the mark of a great and memorable player.

2. Duke Johnson, RB

Another Miami kid, Duke was an electrifying running back who was a highlight-making machine at Miami. Johnson was just spectacular throughout his time during Miami, and he even cemented himself as Miami’s all-time leading rusher during his junior season. Along the way, Duke passed UM legends such as Clinton Portis, Edgerrin James, and Ottis Anderson to become number one on that list. Unfortunately, Miami wasn’t good enough during Duke’s UM career to maximize his talent, but he sure provided fans with memorable moments. Johnson’s speed, and his unreal cuts, hurdles, and stiff-arms will go down in Miami lore.

1. Braxton Berrios, WR

Where do I start with Braxton? Berrios has formed an exceptional bond with Canes fans, and he’ll certainly be remembered forever. Berrios has not only been there in big moments, but he’s always there for The U. Back in 2015, as the Canes were getting blown out by UNC, QB Marquise Williams and wide receiver Ryan Switzer did the backwards “U” taunt in the middle of a 59-21 win. However, Berrios made sure to return the favor in 2017, when he held up The U in proper fashion during a 24-19 win. Additionally, Braxton gave us a simply incredible moment, where after he caught a touchdown pass to set the tone for the 41-8 win against Notre Dame, he put his hands behind his back, which was a taunt in reference to the “Catholics vs Convicts” days of the ND-UM rivalry. Additionally, Berrios had a knack for showing up in big games, including against FSU in 2017, when he caught two touchdowns, and also had two huge catches to keep the game-winning drive alive. Berrios provided us with unforgettable moments, especially during that amazing 2017 season, and I’m sure that Berrios has made an indelible impact on the Canes fan base.