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10 Players That Should’ve Gone To Miami

Deion Sanders, Randy Moss, Joe Namath? What do all these guys have in common? They should have gone to Miami.

Brian Bosworth

I was recently watching the “30 For 30” about Deion Sanders, and after spending an hour seeing clips and highlights of Primetime, I thought to myself, “that guy should’ve gone to Miami.”

Then it got me thinking about other players, who were full of swagger and confidence, who talked the talk and walked the walk, but didn’t play their college ball with the Miami Hurricanes. So, I decided to make a list, as I tend to do.

Keep in mind, I'm not talking about players Miami actually missed on, I'm talking about those who’s swagger would’ve fit UM. So you won't see LeSean McCoy or Teddy Bridgewater on here.

Honorable Mention:

Bill Romanowski:

Romanowski was one of the most vicious hitters and intense competitors the game of football had ever seen. And yes, he was known for getting in the face of opposing players from time to time.

Rodney Harrison:

Sean Taylor, Ed Reed, Brandon Meriweather, Miami has produced some of the hardest hitting safeties ever to strap on a helmet. Rodney Harrison was one of those guys. Willie McGinest described Harrison perfectly.

Ricky Watters:

Yes, he was loud. Yes, he was annoying at times. But man, for all the talking that Watters did, that guy sure did back it up with his play, a running back who was deadly off the handoff and as a pass-catcher. Plus, he was a great trash talker.

10. Randy Moss

Arguably the most talented receiver ever to play in NFL history, it’s crazy to think that Moss played his college ball at Marshall. When it came to talking and celebrating after a big play, Moss was almost a notch above Michael Irvin. Though I wasn’t a fan of him mooning the crowd at Lambeau Field, it’s hard to name another receiver in history that had the confidence and was able to back it up like Moss.

9. Lawrence Taylor

Nobody could compare to L.T. because the NFL had never seen anything like him before, and with the exception of maybe Ray Lewis, we haven’t seen anything like him since. You watch old NFL Films highlights of Taylor when he was mic’d up, the way he would trash talk his opponents and hype up his teammates on the sideline, no doubt this guy could’ve been a Hurricane. He probably would’ve beaten Alonzo Highsmith to the punch by cursing at the opposing captains at the coin-toss.

8. Randall Cunningham

The high-flying mobile quarterback, who wore visors and leaped into the end zone, Cunningham would’ve been perfect for the Hurricanes in the 1980’s. Could you imagine, Cunningham at quarterback in the early 80’s with Eddie Brown and Melvin Bratton running wild around the Orange Bowl?

7. Joe Namath

Now you tell me what sounds like a more suiting environment for “Broadway” Joe Namath, Tuscaloosa or Miami? Yeah, that’s what I thought. Namath is what we would call an “OG” original gangster, when it came to swag. Let’s be real, it takes major confidence and swagger to guarantee a Super Bowl win when you’re 18-point underdogs. Though, I'm not sure he could’ve worn a fur coat in Coral Gables.

6. Mark Gastineau

A tremendous defensive end, whose sack celebration started a brawl? Yup, sounds like a Hurricane. Gastineau was the perfect combination of being able to get to the quarterback, and trash talk the offensive tackle all day long.

5. Rob Gronkowski

Perhaps the greatest tight end in football history, doesn’t it only make sense that he would’ve gone to the school that produces the most tight ends? It also doesn’t hurt that Gronk would’ve fit in like a glove at UM, and for so many reasons. Yes he partied, and yes he said things like “yo soy fiesta” but come on, how could you not love Gronk? The best part is, he backed it all up, whether it was catching touchdowns and spiking the ball into the atmosphere, or blocking a defender into next week. Gronk would’ve been a great addition to Tight End U.

4. Anyone that played for the Raiders in the 70’s or 80’s

I couldn’t just pick one player, I literally had to choose them all, and for good reason. You’re telling me that you couldn't see Ken “The Snake” Stabler strolling around Miami and playing quarterback for the Hurricanes? Or Jack Tatum laying someone out to die on the floor of the OB? Sure Miami isn’t as tough looking as Oakland, but the Canes were referred to the Raiders of college football anyway. Then again, the Raiders made Los Angeles look tough in the 80’s. Howie Long, Dave Casper, all those guys absolutely could have been Canes.

3. Jim McMahon

Of all the players who went to a school that was completely the opposite of their swagger, Jim McMahon attended BYU. He sipped beers at press conferences, head butted his offensive lineman, mooned a helicopter at practice, and also stuck it to former NFL commissioner Pete Rozelle. Oh and by the way, he also was a pretty good quarterback and won, a lot. Trash talking and winning, sounds like a Miami Hurricane to me.

2. Brian Bosworth

This is probably going to receive the most controversy and criticism of anyone on this list, but I'm sticking to my guns; The Boz would’ve looked absolutely awesome as a Miami Hurricane. Also, the guy had a “30 For 30” made about him, he’s already on the right track. Of course he was obnoxious in his style, but if he had attended UM, you’d see mullets and Boz shirts all over South Florida. The guy literally looked like he could’ve been on Miami Vice, oh and by the way, he was a two-time Butkus Award winner and one of the greatest college linebackers of all-time.

  1. Deion Sanders

The man who inspired me to write this entire article, Primetime himself. What’s so sad, is that he went to Florida State. Tallahassee didn’t deserve that kind of swagger. Even today, just to look back and see that kind of player with such confidence and charisma, it’s awe-inspiring. Just picture this: the late 1980’s, Deion Sanders, Michael Irvin, and The Boz all on the same team, coached by Jimmy Johnson. I rest my case.

Who am I missing? Who should’ve been left off the list? Drop them down in the comments.