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100 Greatest Plays In Miami History: #68-Najeh Davenport/Sebastian The Ibis Touchdown Against Florida 2001 Sugar Bowl

Najeh Davenport closed out the Gators in the 2001 Sugar Bowl, then Sebastian The Ibis decided to celebrate a little more.

Sugar Bowl X Davenport

The 2000 Miami Hurricanes were one of the best teams in college football history not to win a National Championship. During the regular season, Butch Davis’ team went 10-1, and defeated the number-one ranked Seminoles and second-ranked Hokies along the way.

Instead of playing for a title, Miami traveled to New Orleans to face off against the Gators in the Nokia Sugar Bowl. With the help of Ken Dorsey, Jeremy Shockey and the rest of the gang, the Hurricanes built a 30-20 lead late in the fourth quarter.

Knocking on the door again, Dorsey decided to give the ball to his big bruising halfback Najeh Davenport. Pushing the pile ahead, Davenport found his way into the end zone, though the touchdown is only one part of this play.

Davenport’s score pretty much iced the ballgame, and excited everyone, especially Miami’s mascot Sebastian The Ibis, who over-stepped his boundaries just a tad. Didn’t matter all too much by the end, UM captured the Sugar Bowl, 37-20.