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Why I Became a Miami Hurricane: Jonathan Somma

It is and always will be... All about The U

Miami Hurricanes v North Carolina State Wolfpack
One of my Favorite Canes, Devin Hester
Photo By Grant Halverson/Getty Images

Growing up in Broward Country, FL, football has always been a big part of my upbringing. As a kid I remember having my older brothers teaching me the game and showing me all the greats in the NFL. It was no secret that these players had one thing in common when being introduced at the start of each NFL game... *insert player name* “The University of Miami”. Some of those players were Sean Taylor, Ed Reed, Ray Lewis, Reggie Wayne, Clinton Portis, Devin Hester, and so on. It became a no brainer for me to become the biggest fan for my hometown team.

Miami v North Carolina State
My All Time Favorite Cane, Devin Hester
Photo By Grant Halverson/Getty Images

Once I started watching them play, I immediately fell in love with how they played and completely understood as to why their dominance carried into the NFL. From running out of the smoke to their swagger on the field, it made perfect sense as to why they were always some of the best on their teams. My father moved to Miami in the mid 80’s and had plenty to share about the ‘Canes during that time. I remember attending the Orange Bowl and being amazed by the size and sound that would take place in that historic stadium.

Colorado Buffaloes v Miami Hurricanes Photo by Doug Benc/Getty Images

Having my father from Virginia, him and my brother were huge Virginia Cavalier fans and it would normally be a 2 on 1 that one week of the year. In 2007, we were able to attend the very last Orange Bowl game, which featured Miami vs Virginia. Us three were blessed enough to attend the Orange Bowl atmosphere one last time. This time however, it wasn't just them two verse me ... as they decided to sit in the Virginia section, I was outnumbered and surrounded by the Virginia crowd. I proudly stood every second as the only Miami fan, and making the newspaper as the only green in the entire section. I remember being let down one last time by Randy Shannon and Kyle Wright, and as we all know... it was a game we all wish we could forget.

Throughout my life of rooting for the Canes, there have been many ups and downs. That has never stopped me from being completely updated with every recruit and being fully interested in UM sports. From the 30 for 30’s and witnessing with my own eyes.. seeing Miami win games has always made me feel some type of way. Through the years I have had many favorite canes such as Graig Cooper.. to the hometown hero Duke Johnson.. to Braxton Berrios... and to now Jeff Thomas and Trajan Bandy. I will always bleed orange and green and nothing will ever change that.

NCAA Football: Florida State at Miami Jasen Vinlove-USA TODAY Sports

Heading into the 2019 season, I couldn't be more excited with #TNM and everything Coach Diaz has done so far. Every week, I will be expecting a Win as I believe in this team and coaching staff to soon win its 6 National Championship.

Miami is known for its rich history of dominance through the 80’s to the early 2000’s, which is why I am so hopeful that history will soon repeat itself. I am a Hurricane and will always throw up the U when seeing another Canes fan out in public.

Go Canes!

I mentioned some of my favorite Canes, so let me hear some of yours in the comments! #TNM