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100 Greatest Plays In Miami History: #62-Jon Beason Hits Joel Klatt Into The Air Against Colorado 2005

Jon Beason hit Joel Klatt so hard it almost sent the quarterback back to Boulder.

Miami Hurricanes v Maryland Terrapins Photo by Jamie Squire/Getty Images

Jon Beason was a man amongst boys when he was at Miami playing linebacker, and in 2005, he proved that.

After a loss to FSU to begin the 2005 season, the Hurricanes rebounded with a triple-overtime thrilling victory at Clemson. The next week, in their home opener, Miami hosted Colorado on a steamy day in the Orange Bowl.

En route to a 23-3 win, the Canes defense gave us a play to remember.

After CU quarterback Joel Klatt mishandled a snap, Miami DL Kareem Brown picked the ball up, and could only manage a few yards in the South Florida sun before handing the ball off to backer Leon Williams. As Williams is heading to the end zone, enter Jon Beason.

One of the great decleaters in UM history, Beason levitated Klatt into the Rocky Mountains. Also, the fact that Klatt is a big time guy on TV makes this so much better.