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2019: The Most Wild Offseason In Miami History

It’s been six months of horrible sleep and constantly refreshing Twitter, but Manny Diaz has turned 2019 into the most exciting offseason ever.

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December 28th, 2018. The Miami Hurricanes just finished their season by getting absolutely mauled by Wisconsin in the Pinstripe Bowl, ending their year with a horrific 7-6 record. A season that started with such optimism, has now taken the worst turn possible. Players unhappy, drama in the locker room, and seemingly nothing on the horizon to look forward to. With defensive coordinator Manny Diaz gone to become the head coach at Temple, and current HC Mark Richt not looking to change anything, Canes fans are thinking to themselves what on earth does the future hold for this once historic program.

June 25th, 2019. The Miami Hurricanes have just wrapped up their annual Paradise Camp, and several of the nations top recruits just spent the weekend in Coral Gables, seeing for themselves the buzz that is surrounding this UM program. Head coach Manny Diaz and his entire new staff has revamped Miami into a team that has a bright future, and has fans, boosters, former and current players ecstatic about the future.

What a ride its been so far, huh guys? I'll tell you what. Back in December, watching that Wisconsin bowl game, I was about as down as you could get when it comes to being a Canes fan, and I know I wasn’t alone.

I’ll never forget, December 30th, I was driving from Salt Lake City to Denver with my friends, and for the majority of that drive the service is absolutely terrible, so I couldn’t get online or anything. Then at one point, in a small window of reception in the middle of Wyoming, my phone was flooded with texts saying that coach Richt was retiring. Then when I had the chance to check Twitter, it was confirmed.

For the rest of the drive, and most of the day, my thoughts were wandering. I couldn't get on Twitter or online for the next several hours, so my mind was like a wild animal, running in every direction. I started thinking about possible coaches. Rex Ryan? Butch Davis? Mario Cristobal? I didn’t even consider Manny as a potential option. Then, later that night, while walking the streets of Denver, I got the news that Diaz was hired, and I couldn't contain my excitement.

From that night on, it’s been an ongoing six-plus months of excitement. From hiring a new coaching staff, to the transfer portal, recruiting, all the way up to this past week with Paradise Camp, I’ve never seen a crazier and exciting offseason for a team. Everyday, Canes fans have been glued to their phones and social media, waiting for what move Manny and UM is gonna make next.

First, there was the search for the offensive coordinator. For a hot second, it seemed that Larry Fedora was going to be the guy. Then the next week it was Major Applewhite. The next day it was Tee Martin. Flip-flopping ensued for what seemed like an eternity. The name Dan Enos didn't even register to me.

Then there were situations with guys like K.J. Osborn and Jaelan Phillips. We would hear a rumor about it, maybe even from one person, and we couldn’t put our phones down. When Trevon Hill was in the transfer portal, man, that seemed like an eternity for Miami to sign him. One day it was reported that he was coming to UM, then the next day it was off.

When Trevon Hill was in the transfer portal, man, that seemed like an eternity for Miami to sign him. One day it was reported that he was coming to UM, then the next day it was off. First it was reported on January 24th that he’d be coming to Miami. That was false. A week later, now Missouri was in the mix, and there was a time when I thought the Canes weren't going to get him. Finally on February 6th, it was announced Hill was going to be a Hurricane.

Above all else, who could forget the infamous night of January 15th, when it was reported that Tate Martell would be transferring to Miami, and Jeff Thomas would be returning to UM. News spread just like a wildfire that evening, and you were just certain there would be breaking news whenever you refreshed your timeline. What started as just a rumor on Twitter, blossomed into the beautiful reality we have now at Miami.

Once Tathan announced he was transferring, the next step was awaiting the approval from the NCAA as to whether or not he was eligible to play in 2019. Then on March 19th, after two months of waiting, the heavens were opened and the announcement came through.

Along with the transfer portal, recruiting has been wild as well. From the commitments of players like Jalen Rivers and Tyler Van Dyke, to even de-commitments, to the on-campus visits of Darnell Washington and Jake Garcia.

Even this past weekend at Paradise Camp, there were so many announcements, late night commitments, videos being taken, it’s almost like you were an active participant being on Twitter as a Canes fan.

Coach Diaz, in the six months of being HC at Miami, has turned his Twitter account into the most-watched spectacle in South Florida. He made emojis and gifs famous around Hurricanes fans, and whenever he tweets anything, you know you’re in for a long night.

Above all else, he’s taken a fanbase and a program that was searching for answers, and has now breathed new life into the Miami Hurricanes. And do you want to know something crazy? He hasn’t even coached a game yet! Even crazier? There’s still two months of the offseason.