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100 Greatest Plays In Miami History: #56-Bennie Blades High Five Pick-Six Against Notre Dame 1985

Bennie Blades had the signature play during a 58-7 rout of Notre Dame in 1985.

The Miami-Notre Dame rivalry was at the center of college football in the 1980’s, and while many people may just point to the 1988 or 1989 matchup between the two schools, 1985 might’ve been the game to set off the sparks.

In what would be Irish coach Jerry Faust’s final game at Notre Dame, you'd think that his players would go out there and “win one for the Gipper.” Sadly for Faust, it didn't happen that way, no, not even close, as his 5-5 team met the 9-1 Canes at the Orange Bowl in late November.

Jimmy Johnson and his #4 Hurricanes came out of the gate and made the Irish wish they never left South Bend.

Miami defensive back Bennie Blades had the signature play in the Canes performance that day, as Notre Dame was trying to cut into UM’s 13-0 second quarter lead.

Things went from bad to worse for Notre Dame, but Blades gave us one of the great highlights in Miami history. As he’s running back the interception 61-yards for a touchdown, he high-fives fellow DB Selwyn Brown, showing off that swagger and confidence those Canes were known for. Miami won that game 58-7.