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100 Greatest Plays In Miami History: #79 Sean Taylor Reverse Punt Return Touchdown Against Pitt 2002

Roscoe Parrish and Sean Taylor teamed up on a punt-return against Pitt in 2002.

Boston College v Miami Photo by Andy Lyons/Getty Images

I told you guys that Sean Taylor would be on this list quite frequently, and today he’s making another appearance.

For this play, just like his moment mentioned earlier in the countdown, we’re staying in the 2002 season. On an evening in the Orange Bowl in ‘02, the Hurricanes welcomed in Larry Fitzgerald and the upstart Panthers of Pittsburgh.

Just three minutes into the game, Pitt lined up to punt and sent the kick high into the Miami night. UM receiver Roscoe Parrish fielded the punt, then reversed it to Taylor, who proceeded to do the rest.

The 78-yard return electrified the OB, and was the beginning of an intense game, one that saw Miami come away with a narrow 28-21 win, en route to a perfect regular season. It also reminded us of Taylor’s extraordinary skills with the football.