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100 Greatest Plays In Miami History: #78-Jonathan Vilma Fumble Recovery Touchdown Against FSU 2001

Jonathan Vilma’s efforts with the ball closed the door on a possible FSU comeback

FSU v Miami X

The 2001 Miami Hurricanes are arguably the greatest team in college football history, and for good reasons. While those good reasons have already been covered in extent, one of their victories that season came in Tallahassee against the Seminoles of Florida State.

Though Miami jumped all over FSU early, the Noles were finding some room to attempt a comeback on the Canes. Down 28-13 early in the third quarter, Chris Rix and the Seminole offense were driving.

Thanks to their All-American linebacker Jonathan Vilma, Miami was able to score here, en route to a 49-27 victory up in Tally.