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100 Greatest Plays In Miami History: #39-Gino Torretta 99-Yard Touchdown Pass To Horace Copeland 1991 vs Arkansas

Gino Torretta made his presence felt quickly against Arkansas in 1991.

Gino Torretta - Miami Hurricanes

1991 ended with a national championship for the Miami Hurricanes, though it began on the road in Arkansas, taking on the Razorbacks. It was also the first start for a quarterback named Gino Torretta.

Taking over for Craig Erickson was a daunting task for Gino, though he made is presence felt early against Arkansas.

The 99-yard touchdown to Horace Copeland calmed the nerves of Miami fans, as the Hurricanes knew that they had found their man. Torretta threw for a then school-record 468-yards and the Canes won 31-3.