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“Be ready for that 2019-2020 season.” Interview With 2020 Commit WR Xavier Restrepo

A product of South Florida, UM commit Xavier Restrepo shares his thoughts on enrolling early, Paradise Camp, and more.

Xavier Restrepo’s twitter

Growing up in South Florida and Broward County, have you always been a Miami fan?

Yes I’ve always been a Miami fan my entire life!

•Do you have a favorite Hurricane growing up?

My favorite hurricane growing up is Sean Taylor.

•What drew you most to Miami during the recruitment process?

It feels at home every time I go down to visit. I also fit in the criteria that is needed.

•What are your thoughts on Manny Diaz and TNM?

My thoughts on Manny Diaz, I love the type of coach he is. He’s a players coach and when he was the Defensive coordinator I had a really good relationship with him.

•Thoughts on Dan Enos/coach Stubblefield

Coach Enos is a great guy, lots of fun and he knows football! And Coach Stubbs is an awesome guy, players coach and has a lot of fun with his guys but at the same time he handles business!

•You transferred from St.Thomas Aquinas to Deerfield, you plan on enrolling early?

Yes I transferred in March and plan to graduate in January.

•Favorite route to run as a receiver?

I don’t really have a favorite route I just love football!!

•Do you have a receiver that you model your game after?

I don’t really try and model my game after anyone.

•What’s one or two things you’re going to try and improve on when it comes to your game.

I’m always trying to improve my game in all ways.

•How was your experience at Paradise Camp? Did any former player stick out?

Paradise was an amazing experience and I enjoyed listening to Santana Moss.

•You seem to be close with Tyler Van Dyke, talk about your relationship with him so far. And w Who are some of the other commits in the 2020 class you’re close with?

Me and Tyler actually were on fire at paradise and he can sling the ball around the field! Any throw he’s making! I’m close with a lot of them states relationship with them in private message and things in that sort.

•Anyone you’re trying to recruit to come to Miami?

I’m trying to get Jaylan Knighton but we will see.

•Anything you’d like to say to the Miami fans?

One thing I would like to tell Miami fans and the city of Miami is be ready for that 2019-2020 season!