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100 Greatest Plays In Miami History: #36-Bernie Kosar To Eddie Brown Go-ahead Touchdown vs Florida 1984

Bernie Kosar drove Miami to a last-second win over UF in 1984.

Bernie Kosar - University of Miami - File Photos

I know that a lot of old-timer Canes fans may complain that this list is only full of 21st century plays, but that is not so!

Today, we’re going to the 1984 season-opener, Jimmy Johnson’s first game at Miami, when the Hurricanes, as defending national champions, went to Tampa to play the Florida Gators.

In one of the most memorable games in the history of this rivalry, Florida led 20-19 with 41-seconds left.

Though, Miami quarterback Bernie Kosar led the Hurricanes down the field in a flash, going all the way down to the UF 12-yard line.

As opposed to just running out of the clock and settling for a field goal, Kosar went back to pass and found receiver Eddie Brown for a touchdown, and the lead. A Miami pick-six on the final play of the game sealed a 32-20 victory for the Hurricanes.