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Jonathan Garvin And Trevon Hill Will Be Miami’s Most Deadly Duo In 2019

With the help of DC Blake Baker, Miami’s two defensive ends are expected to have monster seasons.

Virginia Tech v East Carolina Photo by Michael Shroyer/Getty Images

There’s been much reported and much excitement drawn to Manny Diaz’s hiring of new offensive coordinator Dan Enos, and rightfully so. Offense is clearly the side of the ball where Miami has been lacking, so it only makes sense everyone is focusing on Enos.

Though, I think UM’s new defensive coordinator, Blake Baker, is going to take the Hurricanes D to another level in 2019 and for the next several years. Primarily, Baker is going to transform Jonathan Garvin and Trevon Hill into the most disruptive duo at defensive end in the country.

During his time as DC at Louisiana Tech, Baker’s defense was known for swarming the opposing teams offensive line, thus overpowering OL’s with numbers and getting to the quarterback. In 2018, the Bulldogs were fourth in the nation in team sacks (3.46 per game), and defensive end Jaylon Ferguson led the country with 17.5 sacks.

When you look at Miami’s defensive line for this 2019 season, the talent level and depth is incredible. Behind the starters, UM has Scott Patchan and Gregory Rousseau, who will get plenty of reps and get in the backfield.

Though, it is the two starters at DE for Miami that should scare other teams.

Junior Jonathan Garvin (5.5 sacks, 17.0 TFLs in 2018) is one of the most talented defensive ends in all of college football, and with Baker’s help, can have a season similar to Ferguson in 2018. I don’t think Garvin will have 17.5 sacks, but I do believe he’ll reach at least 10. Garvin was named to the Bednarik Award watch list for the 2019 season.

Already projected as someone who very well could leave early for the Draft after this season, Garvin possesses all the skills necessary to be a dominant defensive end, both in college and also the pros. Plus, it’ll be interesting to see how much weight Garvin gained over the summer with coach David Feeley.

Opposite Garvin you have transfer Trevon Hill, coming over from Virginia Tech. There’s been talk that Hill is the top 2020 NFL Draft prospect in the ACC, even though he only played three games in 2018.

Throughout his 29-game stint with the Hokies, Hill had 94 tackles, 20 TFLs and 11.5 sacks. Hill will be replacing Joe Jackson, and Miami picks up right where they left off after Trevon came over to UM.

If you look at the video posted towards the top when Hill and the Hokies faced Clemson in 2017, you can see that Tre was lined up standing up, similar to Ferguson at Louisiana Tech.

Hill and Garvin are the perfect defensive ends for Baker’s aggressive system. Both are around 250-pounds, standing at 6-3 and 6-4, and has the combination of size and speed, prototypical frame for pass-rushing maniacs. I wouldn't be surprised if both Garvin and Hill are in double-digits in their sack totals in 2019.

Think about it, if Baker was able to get that kind of production from Louisiana Tech players, imagine what’s going to happen now that he has two DE’s like Garvin and Hill.

I know that the combo of Garvin and Jackson were good in 2018, but I really think that Garvin and Hill, combined with Baker’s defense, is going to be even more impressive and destructive to opposing offenses.