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100 Greatest Plays In Miami History: #33-Gino Torretta Touchdown To Lamar Thomas vs FSU 1992

Trailing in the fourth quarter, Gino Torretta hit Lamar Thomas in the end zone.

University of Miami Hurricanes Photos by Miami/Collegiate Images via Getty Images

1992 was one of the most memorable games in the history of the Miami-FSU rivalry. Gino Torretta and Charlie Ward were the two quarterbacks that day, and they were both under a siege of defenders for the entire afternoon at the Orange Bowl.

Down 16-10 in the fourth quarter, Torretta started to move the Hurricanes offense towards the lead. On the Seminoles 33-yard line, Gino dropped back to pass.....

His always reliable Lamar Thomas came up with the touchdown, as Torretta was absolutely clobbered when he let the ball go. The Hurricanes would go on to win 19-16.