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Marsh’s Mailbag: Fall Camp Begins, QB Battle, Freshman Making Noise, Can K.J. Osborn Be The No. 1 Guy?

Who has the upper hand so far at QB, can K.J. Osborn be the number one receiver for Miami? Those questions and more.

University of Miami practice Al Diaz/Miami Herald/TNS via Getty Images

From what you’re hearing, who seems to be in the lead of the QB competition?

It’s pretty hard to judge the most important question off the first two practices of fall camp. However, from what I'm hearing, and I'm hearing almost the same as you guys, but it seems that Tate Martell is in the lead for the starter. Consistency definitely needs to be improved with Tate, but it looks that it’s his job to lose at the moment.

K.J. Osborn has been impressing, any chance he can be the number one guy at receiver?

Osborn has definitely been one of the best additions to this Miami team, since transferring to Buffalo. What also is great is that he seems to have a great connection with Martell, and they can be a dangerous duo in the fall. I don’t think he’ll beat out Jeff Thomas for being that number one guy, but he’s the best number-two we’ve had in a while.

Scott Patchan started on first team when camp began, will that stay until the Florida game?

Patchan has made great jumps this off-season, and is gearing up for a breakout senior year. It’ll be between him and Trevon Hill to see who starts opposite side Jonathan Garvin at defensive end, and I think Patchan can make a strong case to be the starter against UF. He put on even more size in the summer under David Feeley, and has been making plays both days of fall camp.

Which quarterback is under the most pressure heading into 2019?

All three, Martell, N’Kosi Perry and Jarren Williams, they all have pressure heading into this season. Tate for the reason that he’s coming from Ohio State, Perry because of the rollercoaster ride 2018 was, and Williams because he nearly transferred in December. So I can’t decide who is facing the most pressure, but in some way or another, they’re facing it in 2019.

It seemed that DJ Ivey would be the other corner, do you think he starts week one?

I thought Ivey would be starting, but it looks like Al Blades Jr. was taking first-team reps the first day of practice. As far as who starts against the Gators on August 24th, I'm not sure, but both guys will get plenty of reps.

Does Te’Cory Couch play this year or does he redshirt?

I believe him and Christian Williams, another true freshman at corner, they both have the potential to play this season. Depth at CB is a little sparse, and it looks like they can actually play and contribute. So I wouldn’t be surprised if either of them play this season.

Will Tate’s arm strength be a problem for Miami’s offense?

Let me make myself perfectly clear, you don’t need a rocket arm to be a successful quarterback in football. Drew Brees, Kurt Warner, neither of them had rocket arms. Joe Montana once said this, “I don’t throw darts at balloons, I throw balloons at darts.” Plus, in this Dan Enos offense, we won’t need Martell to throw these 30-40 yard bullets.

Is there a concern that Will Mallory is only weighing around 230?

My only concern is that Mallory can catch touchdowns and block for the running game. He’s already been catching TD’s in the spring and so far in the fall, so if he can hold down the blocking, then why would I be concerned about his weight?

Should we be worried about all the 3-stars in Miami’s class?

Oh my goodness, stop with this question, forever and ever. No you shouldn’t be worried about 3-star commits. Manny Diaz and his staff doesn’t see stars, they see potential, they see heart, they see future Miami Hurricanes.

Thoughts on the first team offensive line so far?

Last week I predicted that Navaughn Donaldson would be center and Corey Gaynor would be at guard, but I was wrong. I’m completely fine with this first team OL, and I really like Donaldson next to true freshman Zion Nelson and helping him. I’m very confident in the three inside lineman with Donaldson, Gaynor and DJ Scaife. Tackles are a little worrisome, but I'm excited to see them grow in 2019.

Through the first day or two of fall camp, what has stood out to you most about the offense?

Diversity, diversity, diversity. We’re getting our playmakers the ball in different ways and in space. Dan Enos is using Mark Pope in more ways than just a go route.

So many people are talking about Cam’ron Harris being the starter at running back, do you think DeeJay Dallas isn’t getting enough credit?

In some ways I do. I completely understand the credit that Harris is getting, because he deserves it. He finished 2018 strong and also had a great spring practice. Though, we can’t forget that Dallas had over 600 yards rushing as the number two back on the depth chart behind Travis Homer last year. I think we need to remember how talented Dallas is, and why he’s one of the true leaders on this Miami team.