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Freshman making plays, Martell struggles during Sundays fall camp session.

Te’Cory Couch, Christian Williams, and Larry Hodges catching my eye through three days

Andrew Ivins, 247Sports

The first weekend of fall camp came and went and after three sessions, I would say I have more questions about the quarterback room than I did before.

Now that the pads are on, Tate Martell went back to looking how I remember him looking throughout the spring. With nobody in coverage, he was often too short or too long. When he was on time and found Mike Harley across the middle, the ball was so wobbly that it was borderline uncatchable. The junior wide receiver bobbled it a couple of times before he eventually lost it as he hit the ground.

It’s difficult to say that any of the other two have taken a clear step forward, but I have to believe that after today there will be some sort of shuffling in the rotation. Jarren Williams looks crisp at times and at other times looks like just a guy in the rotation.

I would say that N’Kosi Perry looked like the best quarterback out there today. I don't know if that's saying much, given that neither of them look like they are ready to play the Gators in less than a month.

One guy who has caught my attention is freshman TE Larry Hodges who seems like a natural pass catcher. He seems to fit in well with what the Hurricanes are trying to do at the position and I could see him being a really good tight end here one day.

He may be buried in the depth chart right now and him getting any real playing time this year is unlikely, but he seems like a legit redshirt candidate that would greatly benefit from a year of getting bigger, faster, and stronger in this system.

Te’Cory Couch is another one who I have seen make plays over the weekend. He covered Jeff Thomas on Friday night and although Thomas made the catch, Couch was a blanket — the veteran simply made the play over the 165 pound freshman.

His pure cover skills are clear as day, as are Christian Williams’. I like both of them a lot.

As the viewing portion of practice finished up, the WR’s and DB’s were working on 1-on-1’s and some of the matchups I can remember were: Christian Williams vs. Brian Hightower (W), Al Blades Jr. vs. Evidence Njoku (W), Mike Harley vs. Trajan Bandy (Harley made the catch and felt he stayed in bounds, but the referee didn't agree), Te’Cory Couch (W) vs. Jeremiah Payton, and Dee Wiggins vs. Nigel Bethel Jr., who missed an easy interception opportunity on an errant Martell pass.

The Hurricanes also did their first Big Cane drill of the fall. Some of those matchups were: WR KJ Osborn vs. S Robert Knowles, WR Jeff Thomas vs. CB DJ Ivey, and freshman OC Jakai Clark vs. freshman DT Jalar Holley (they matched up against each other at least three times).

Practice starts early and the media portion is supposed to be around 8:30 a.m.

As always. Go Canes! More tomorrow.