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KJ Osborn continues to shine, Jeff Thomas, Nesta Silvera, and Lou Hedley sit out, and more from fall camp

Quarterbacks continue to split reps and two of them took a step forward today

Christopher Stock, 247Sports

I understand that everybody understands that senior graduate transfer KJ Osborn has been a immeasurably great addition to the Hurricanes roster.

From his presence in the locker room, representing the team at ACC media days, to making plays left and right since spring ball, he has been everything Manny Diaz could have hoped for and then some.

Friday night, he made an incredible catch over Gilbert Frierson. Today he came down with two long touchdown catches during 1-on-1 drills, one over the Hurricanes number one corner Trajan Bandy via Jarren Williams, who provided as good of coverage as you're going to get, and another over Robert Knowles via N’Kosi Perry.

He is going to have a fantastic year at Miami and looks like a receiver that can play at the next level.

For the first time, I feel like I can say that quarterbacks looked good. Jarren Williams and N’Kosi Perry both looked sharp today, specifically Williams, who's throw to Osborn was an impressive display of his arm strength and touch. He fired a couple of other lasers that caught my eye — one to Brevin Jordan that was along the sideline that gave him enough room to turn up field for some extra yardage.

Andrew Ivins, 247Sports

Perry threw some really good passes today too and I liked what I saw out of him. I didn't see ball hit the ground very often and his passes looked crisp.

Martell flashed, but really struggled getting the ball to the outside and out in front of his receiver. Twice he threw it short and the first time S Derrick Smith dropped the interception. The second time he came up with it and picked Martell off as the media was leaving the facility.

All three of the quarterbacks were getting first team reps, but Martell was the first one seen running with the ones as the media entered the viewing portion of practice.

As we get further into camp, you can see that Miami is starting to dive deeper into their offensive planning. Today, I saw shifts and formations that I had not seen before. Both Will Mallory and Brevin Jordan were lined up next to each other and motioned at the same time while Brian Hightower motioned in from the outside. It was a very unique formation.

Andrew Ivins, 247Sports

And Dan Enos isn't allowing the complexity of this new offense to slow them down. He was on top of his offense and his coaches hard today. Freshman TE Larry Hodges was a bit out of position and you heard Enos yell, “Is anybody going to coach this guy!”

The standards of excellence are expected to be met, as all the quarterbacks said yesterday. They are expected to be perfect, or as close to it as possible.

Missing from practice today were Jeff Thomas, who was replaced by Mark Pope on the first-team, Nesta Silvera, who re-aggravated his foot during Friday nights practice and is in a walking boot, and Lou Hedley, who left practice early yesterday.

Lastly, OL George Brown Jr. is no longer with the team, the University of Miami confirmed. It was first reported by the Miami Herald.