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Ranking Miami’s 2019 Opponents: Based on Level of Dislike

Florida State or Florida, who is more hated?

Florida State v Miami Photo by Mark Brown/Getty Images

Summertime…. A time for vacation. A time that the kids are out of school. A time to eat right, work out and get your “summer body”. A time to talk trash on social media. One of these is a new phenomenon among college football fans, and with the Canes opening against the University of Florida, this has been ramped up to an all-time level. Many fans of opposing schools love to see Miami lose, and they let us have it when the Canes are not doing well.

Who do we hate the most? Who hates us the most?

Here is Miami’s 2019 schedule based on who we like the least.

1. Florida State – Fans can say all they want about how much respect there is between the two programs, and while that may be true, the hatred in the stands and on social media is as high as any two programs in the country. FSU winning 7 straight almost caused me to have heart failure on multiple occasions. The disdain runs everywhere from football, basketball, baseball to recruiting, and the “Seminole War Chant” is one of the most annoying things in all of sports.

2. Florida – If the Gators weren’t such (insert dirty adjective here) then they would be number one on this list. Their fans are vile, loud, obnoxious and disgusting, yet the program wants no parts of playing Miami on a regular basis. They will use every excuse, from the SEC, to Steve Spurrier, to humping sharks, to Tim Tebow as to why they won’t play the Canes. August 24th, Miami gets to shut their mouths once again.

Brock Berlin looks for an open man Photo by Eliot J. Schechter/Getty Images

3. Virginia Tech – Virginia Tech is a program, who judging by the arrogance of their fan base, you would think has multiple National Titles. The reality is the Hokies only thrived when Miami was on probation (mid 90’s) or Miami was just bad. Michael Vick is long gone, and Justin Fuente has turned them into a mediocre team. Shake your keys, jump to Metallica (real original) and play that stupid turkey noise with another loss.

4. Florida International – See 2005 fight in the Orange Bowl for reference. They don’t deserve respect on or off the field. Hey at least they aren’t UCF.

Football - NCAA - Miami vs. Florida International University Photo by Jason Arnold/Icon SMI/Icon Sport Media via Getty Images

5. North Carolina – Have you ever met a North Carolina football fan? Most will be decked out in Jordan Brand clothes and want to talk about Roy Williams and the basketball team. The football team has had a few wins against Miami, and that game in 2015 stands out as The Tar Heels were very disrespectful by throwing down The U on numerous occasions. Marquise Williams and Ryan Switzer will forever be hated by Canes fans.

6. Virginia – I always have the vision of some frat guy singing Journey into a goose while ESPN was laughing at us during another Al Golden crap job. I wanted their boring basketball team to lose in this year’s NCAA tournament.

7. Pittsburgh – The beginning of the end of the Mark Richt era, in front of about 917 Pitt fans, was difficult to watch. Pat Narduzzi also doesn’t seem like the most pleasant guy.

8. Georgia Tech – Nerds, nerds, nerds, nerds. Nothing better than being yelled at by either a 75-year-old, or frat guys in shirt and ties. Their typical insult is “thug” or “you’re not from here” It will be more pleasant not having to watch the 1940’s offense that they ran under Paul Johnson.

9. Louisville – If Bobby Petrino was still the Head Coach, they would rank higher. 2006 they ambushed Miami and rubbed it in our faces. Miami should get some sweet revenge this season.

10. Central Michigan – I don’t know a ton about their football team, but if they are as annoying as the baseball team Miami eliminated this year, then we need hang a 50 spot on the Chippewas.

11. Duke - Maybe the Blue Devils should be higher, but other than the national media crying endlessly about the “Miracle in Durham”, Duke football is harmless. People who are Miami football fans, and Duke basketball fans need a good punch to the head.

Miami v Duke Photo by Grant Halverson/Getty Images

12. Bethune Cookman – They will have a good band, and a mediocre football team. The vibe at Hard Rock Stadium will be fun and festive.

How would you rank Miami’s opponents? Is Florida worse than Florida State?


Who is most disliked on Miami’s schedule in 2019?

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