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“I’m going to come in day one ready to ball.” Interview with 2020 Miami Commit Linebacker Corey Flagg Jr.

One of the top players in the state of Texas, Flagg answered some questions as to why he chose Miami.

Miami Athletics
  • You’re from Texas and the Houston area, what interested you about Miami? Did you grow up watching them? Have you seen the 30 For 30’s?

Yeah I grew up watching College Gameday, that’s all I watched. Instead of cartoons I watched football and of course “The U” was one of the teams I watched. I’ve also seen the 30 for 30’s, it’s to live. I really enjoy watching it everytime I watch it.

  • When deciding between schools, what set Miami apart?

What really set Miami apart was the fact that it was a private school and the scheme for football was the exact same scheme my high school played, and the linebacker history “LBU!” Also the coaches man, coach Manny Diaz being the HC, who was previously a DC is huge alone, but the coaching staff in general are just great!

  • What are your thoughts on coach Diaz and coach Baker?

They are great guys as well as great coaches. They both know the game well and teach it well, I love talking football with them as well as just talking about life, they are great!

  • What stood out to you the most when you visited Miami?

What stood out to me and my family the most was the fact that it was a private school, that was crazy! When I found that out I was like oh yeah this is the spot, because of course I knew they can ball.

  • Are you close with any of the other 2020 commits?

Yup. Romello Height, Justin Hodges, Don Chaney Jr, A.J. Mathis, Tirek Austin-Cave, Tyler Van Dyke, Antonio Smith. They are all great guys!

  • What’s one thing people should know about Corey Flagg Jr?

I’m a follower of Jesus Christ. I’m going to come in day one in December ready to ball. I can promise you that Hurricanes fans! We will win two natty’s I swear to you, mark my words!

  • Any idea of what you’re going to be studying at Miami?

Chemical engineering.

  • Do you have a linebacker you look up to, or try and model your game after?

Ray Lewis.

  • What are your goals for your senior season, and also what’s something specific you want to work on?

Perfecting my craft and just becoming a student of the game.

  • Is there anything you’d like to say to Hurricanes fans?

We will win a National Championship, I promise you guys that! That’s a promise. Go Canes!