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Miami Hurricanes Media Days: Coaches Taylor Stubblefield, Eric Hickson and Todd Stroud

Coaches Stubblefield, Hickson and Stroud share their thoughts at media day.

University of Miami football practice David Santiago/Miami Herald/TNS via Getty Images

Defensive line coach: Todd Stroud

As talked about last week, coach Stroud has been very high on redshirt freshman defensive tackle Jordan Miller. Stroud has said Miller has made significant jumps, especially during summer. “He looks like his trajectory is on the upswing too, we’re not scared to play him, he’ll provide some quality depth,” Stroud said about Miller.

Wide receiver coach: Taylor Stubblefield

One of the things I talked with coach Stubblefield about was freshman Jeremiah Payton. “He’s come in here with an unbelievable attitude, his attitude is awesome. He’s a kid that wants to learn, I can coach him hard and I can push him hard.”

Running back coach: Eric Hickson

Coach Hickson talked about junior running back DeeJay Dallas, and how he’s been a leader. “He is one of the leaders on the team, guys do follow him. He had a great summer, worked hard, actually had a kid, and I think that really motivated him to do better because it’s not really about him right now,” said Hickson about Dallas.