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100 Greatest Plays in Miami History: #4-Ken Dorsey Finds Jeremy Shockey vs FSU 2000.

“Shockey the backup tight end!”

Va Tech v Miami Shockey

In one of the most memorable games in Canes history, it’s no surprise that two plays from that day are in the top five of the list. Here’s the first one.

The year is 2000, and the Hurricanes have the number-one ranked Florida State Seminoles in town. Though they led early, Miami is now down 24-20, and young quarterback Ken Dorsey is trying to lead a game winning drive.

Ken hit Santana Moss, Reggie Wayne, and several other Miami receivers before driving to the FSU 14-yard line.

Then, he hit Jeremy Shockey for a touchdown to put Miami ahead. But the game wasn’t over yet....