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Marsh’s Mailbag: UF Edition. How’s Jarren Williams Going To Look, Can Miami Stop Kadarius Toney, And More.

How is Jarren Williams going to look against the Gators? That question and plenty more.

Miami Hurricanes Spring scrimmage Al Diaz/Miami Herald/TNS via Getty Images

Do you think UF is overrated?

I don't think overrated is the right word I'd choose, but I don’t believe they’re the eighth best team in the nation. The Florida Gators have tons of talent, and Dan Mullen is a wonderful coach, but I don’t think Feleipe Franks is as good as people think, and they’re also losing some players from last year. I could see the Gators running into the same issue that the Hurricanes ran into last season, which is simply being overhyped and it getting to their heads.

Are you like myself in that there seems to be an extremely quiet confidence coming out of Coral Gables?

I don't think the Hurricanes have ever been quiet in the history of their program. A team follows the character of their head coach, and Manny Diaz has shown forth a ton of confidence and swagger, and I believe that the players have done that as well.

But then you have a guy like quarterback Jarren Williams, who is a more quiet player, but in interviews lately you can tell that there’s a quiet confidence that he has.

Will the two tight end set be the difference in protecting Jarren Williams?

I talked about this on the radio this past weekend, and that’s a great point. I don't think it’ll be the difference, but Will Mallory and Brevin Jordan are both great blockers, and especially since we have a true freshman in Zion Nelson starting at left tackle, I'd expect to see them helping him out. And it’s not just protecting Jarren in passing situations, but also running the football as well.

Would you say Zion Nelson is gonna be key to a W Saturday. As long as he plays good not even great we’re gonna be that much closer to a victory?

Well yes, the left tackle always plays a factor on whether a team wins or loses. Knowing that Zion is a true freshman making his first start, you’d have to think that the Gators are going to attack his side with everything they’ve got. Though, even with those circumstances, Miami is still going to have to have at least a solid performance from Nelson, because the one thing we can’t have is the Florida defense in the backfield all night.

Can Miami’s defense stop Kadarius Toney?

Can they? Absolutely. Will they? That remains to be seen. Toney is an incredible talent, whether they use him as a receiver with short routes, running the wildcat formation, or on a reverse, Florida loves to put the ball into his hands. I think Shaquille Quarterman is going to have to play his best game, especially spying on Toney and calling out signals as captain of the defense. Trajan Bandy will also have to play lockdown coverage, or any DB that’s lined up against Toney.

What’s your favorite UM-UF rivalry memory?

I was only eight years old during this game in 2003, but it’s one that I still watch the highlights of pretty frequently because it gives me goosebumps every time I turn it on. Watching Devin Hester return that kick, and also Brock Berlin leading the comeback, it’s amazing. Then when I got older, watching Miami upset the Gators in 2013 was pretty special as well, I remember feeling like that win was the one to kickstart the program. I’ll never forget watching Duke Johnson score the game clinching touchdown, and feeling total confirmation that Miami had won.

Say Miami loses this game, how does that impact your views and predictions about the rest of the season?

It doesn’t at all actually. As of right now I'm saying Miami beats Florida, but if UF wins then I'm not going to be going into panic mode. I still think the Hurricanes win 9-10 regular season games this year, we just have too much talent, the coaching is there, and the schedule is so favorable for us.

Is there a “leash” on Jarren, IF so, how short is it?

I honestly don't think there is a leash on Jarren Williams, because I don't think Dan Enos operates that way as a play caller. It’s Jarren’s first start for Miami, and if you come out throwing then he’ll become a lot more comfortable a lot quicker. We don’t need the Hurricanes going conservative early in the game and running it too much, because then when we’re behind, Williams isn't going to have that confidence to make certain throws.

Are we going to see a Richt like carousal of QBs?

No. Coach Diaz has said publicly that they’re going to choose their guy, and rally around that guy. Manny saw how horrible the QB situation was handled last year, and doesn't want that happening again. Williams is Miami’s guy, and that’s who they’re riding with.

How concerned are you with inexperience at QB DL & OL and lack of depth at DB & LB?

I’m not worried at all actually. Jarren Williams will continue to get better as the season goes on, it just may not be the first game. Our defensive line is thriving right now, and Miami will have several guys step up on the DL, and I'm thinking it’s going to be Scott Patchan and Jordan Miller.

On the offensive line, same situation as Williams, they’ll get there eventually, but it may just not be against the Gators. At defensive backs, the lack of depth doesn’t bother me, we just may have to rely on younger guys quicker, and also transfer Bubba Bolden. Then at linebacker, the depth isn’t too concerning, because we have guys that can come and fill in roles if Shaq or Michael Pinckney gets injured. We have a veteran like Zach McCloud, as well as freshman Sam Brooks who I think is going to contribute this season.