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K.J. Osborn is set to play in the biggest game of his career Saturday night

The unquestioned leader of the Canes receiving corps will have to shake off the nerves Saturday night

Andrew Ivins, 247Sports

When you take a look back at K.J. Osborn’s career at Buffalo, you’ll notice that the biggest games the redshirt senior has ever played in aren't all that big.

As a redshirt freshman, the team traveled to Boston College and to #15 Western Michigan during the Corey Davis year where they went 13-0 before losing to Wisconsin in the Cotton Bowl.

Osborn’s team lost both by a combined score of 73-3

As a redshirt sophomore Buffalo started the season by going to Minnesota and Army, both of which they lost.

And as a redshirt junior, the Bulls played two absolute powerhouses in Temple and Rutgers and played for the MAC title against Northern Illinois.

Apart from bowl games and a single conference championship game, Osborn has not played in a game even relatively close to the one he’s going to be starring in on Saturday, which he admitted Tuesday after practice.

“I’ve never played in front of that many people.”

The Miami Hurricanes and the Florida Gators opening up the 2019 college football season with the whole nation watching and College GameDay in attendance easily becomes the biggest game of his life and Osborn recognizes that.

“I knew ever since they announced this game that this is probably going to be the biggest game so far I’ve ever played in” Osborn said after Tuesdays practice.

And while he knew the magnitude of this matchup, he still needed to be briefed on the rivalry between the two teams, which was something fans were glad to do as soon as he committed to the Hurricanes.

But how is a guy playing in a game like this going to be feeling beforehand?

“I’m gonna be amped up. I’m probably not going to show it but, you know, inside you know I’m going to be ready to go. I’m dreaming about it, you know, I can't wait”

Osborn is preparing for a 10-win Gator team with a strong defense under the leadership of a redshirt freshman quarterback in Jarren Williams, who he feels confident in as a guy who can lead the team.

“We’re preparing very well. This was like our eight Florida practice so you know the game plan well. We got it down, you know, we’re continuing to execute it every day... Jarren looks good.”

And he and the rest of the wide receivers are continuing to build chemistry with the young quarterback every day. If there's an incomplete pass, they get together and talk about how the quarterback wants it and there is always a dialogue to make sure everybody on the offense is on the same page.

While in the huddle, Jarren Williams is somebody who takes command, according the 5th year senior wide receiver.

“He’s controlling. This is his team”

And Manny Diaz has talked about how everything on the field is set up for the quarterback to have success, including making big catches and just building up his confidence as a quarterback.

Osborn has done an exceptional job of not only building up the confidence of his quarterback, but of leading the young receivers and pushing them to work more and be better through the example of the work he puts in himself every day.