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100 Greatest Plays in Miami History: #2-Matt Walters And Ed Reed Pick Saves Miami’s Season vs Boston College 2001

Ed Reed puts himself into Miami history.

Miami v Boston College X Walters

We’ve reached the top two plays on this countdown, and it’s been a great ride since the beginning.

Throughout their 2001 championship season, the Hurricanes were rarely tested by their opponents, as Miami steamrolled week after week. However, that all changed once UM got to Chestnut Hill, to take on the Boston College Eagles.

On a dreary day in mid-November, the Canes battled BC all game long, and their defense had to make a stop with the Eagles driving late in the game.

The Canes were clinging to a 12-7 lead with under a minute to go, but BC had the ball on the Miami nine-yard line.

The interception by defensive end Matt Walters, accompanied by Ed Reed who took the ball out of Walters hand and dashed to the end zone, saved the Hurricanes perfect season, and was the signature play of the 2001 c