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SOTU Staff Predictions: Miami Hurricanes vs Florida Gators

We’ve talked all week. Now it’s time to go on the record and predict the final score for Miami-UF

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We meet again, Canes fam! After 2 installments of our round table discussion about Miami-UF, we now come to the piece you’ve been waiting for: our predictions. Before we get there, let’s go back.

Here’s part 1 of our round table:

Here’s part 2 of our round table:

And now, here are our predictions:

Prediction time. How do you see the game playing out?

Cam Underwood: I waited until this morning to write my prediction. I’m torn between looking at the unknowns for Miami as a positive and a negative. In the end, I think I’m once bitten, twice shy after being VERY confident last year heading into the LSU game and getting blasted. I think Miami has the talent to win. I think they have the defense to affect UF’s offense. I just think UF has known answers where Miami has unanswered questions. I WANT MIAMI TO WIN WITH ALL MY HEART....I just don’t think that’s going to happen. Final Score: Florida 24 Miami 20 (please, PLEASE prove me wrong, Canes)

Marshall Thomas: I think Miami starts out fast, and scores first. Though, Florida will have a strong third quarter, and Jarren will lead a touchdown drive to take the lead in the 4th. Miami wins 24-20.

Matt Washington: This game will be a close contest based on the questions facing each side. I need to see it from the Hurricanes — specifically from the offense —before I can even more excited. If they’re able to dominate in week zero, I’ll gladly serve up some apologies afterward. I feel Miami’s defense will face some struggles, eventually putting the clamps on the Gators as the game progresses. I’ll give a slight edge to Florida 24-17.

Gaby Urrutia: I see Florida getting the ball first and Jon Garvin making his presence felt right off the jump with a tackle for loss on the very first series. I think the Hurricanes front seven is going to create havoc for Franks and he is going to fold like a lawn chair early. Of course adjustments will be made, but I can see this being a real grit-and-grind type of game on both sides. In the end, my heart says Miami wins this game, but trying to look at it from an analytical perspective tells me that it is more likely that Florida comes out on top. But this is college football and things happen all the time. I want to be clear, Miami has every bit the talent that Florida has. This is not a significantly better team than them by any stretch. It’s going to come down to execution and focus. I have been saying publicly that I believe Florida wins the game, but something is pulling me in a different direction this morning. Give me the Canes!

Score: 27-20 MIAMI

Justin Dottavio: Sadly, I think Florida wins by 1. Orlando is Gator country, they return the coach and QB... hard things to overcome. It’ll be close though, not a blowout like some predict.

John Camera: Miami comes out sharp and jump out to a 10-0 lead, including the first appearance of the 2019 Turnover Chain. They lead 13-3 at the half. Florida comes back and some of that “distant look in the eye” that CMD spoke off during the last scrimmage reappears. Florida leads 20-13 toward the end of the 4th with one last chance on offense for the Canes. Jarren Williams looks legit and leads the Canes for a TD. CMD goes for the win, not the tie but Miami fails to convert the 2-point conversion. The New Miami loses their first game but proves it can go toe to toe with a top 10 squad. Florida wins, 20-19.

John Michaels: Close and low scoring. I think both offenses will struggle at points, so turnovers, special teams, and big plays will be the difference. Watch for Jarren WIlliams to his a few of those big plays and the Turnover Chain to make a few appearances. Miami 24 Florida 19

KappaCane: My original prediction for the season was 11-1 with a loss to UF. This is fluid and subject to change based on who actually lines up for both teams on 8/24/19. We have seen attrition on both teams recently, and there is legitimate potential that there may be additional injury or suspensions to deal with between now and kickoff. The big game atmosphere Williams experienced at Hard Rock during the Notre Dame game had him enamored, and now he has a similar stage to perform on. I expect him to struggle early with butterflies (normal), but to step up in the moment and move the chains effectively enough to allow the defense to rest. Florida will have the home field advantage by playing in Orlando, and I think that the game will be a close one with neither team topping 30pts. UF isn’t as good as they think they are, and Miami isn’t as bad as they think we are. For example, Franks was recently ranked 43rd by Pro Football Focus. Either way, it should be an interesting matchup. On offense, I think that Dan Enos will scheme to exploit matchups along the line, so you’ll see stunts and pulling guards and tackles. Tight ends and running backs will chip the defensive ends to help out the freshman tackles in pass protection. Moving the pocket will buy time for Williams and let him get the playmakers the ball. On defense, Blake Baker is going to dial up the blitz early and often to try to rattle Franks into making a mistake(s). With this being a season opener, I expect both teams to be sloppy, and the team that can capitalize on the opponents mistakes more consistently will win. Final Score: 27-24 Florida

Todd Forrest: I see a low-scoring affair that likely comes down to someone’s defense turning away the offense on a potential game-winning drive. My heart and mind both say 16-10 Miami, but my integrity (what’s left of it) reminds me that I’m already on record predicting the Canes to start 0-2 before winning 11-of-12 to end the season. As a man of my word, I’ll say Florida on a last-second field goal, 17-16. But if I’m picking UF then I’ll add that there will likely be a few holding no-calls that go Florida’s way and a key Hurricane defensive player will probably get ejected for a bogus targeting penalty. You know, the usual.

Carl Bleich: Florida 20, Miami 14. I think we see a very low-scoring, defensive battle between these two teams that both finished the season in the top 30 of total defense last year. In the end, I think Florida controls the time of possession and makes a couple more plays down the stretch against a tired Miami defense to seal the deal. Crazy prediction of the game: Robert Burns scores a touchdown for Miami.

John Reynolds: I think the game will probably turn out to be close. However, it wouldn’t surprise me if Miami fell behind by 10 or 14 points early. The Hurricanes are very young this year, especially on offense, and if they get knocked on the mat early it could take awhile for them to respond. If that happens I think the ‘Canes come out of halftime with a new sense of energy and bring the game back within one score. As time runs out in the fourth quarter I think Jarren Williams has one last chance to get the win for Miami, but inexperience takes its’ toll and Miami covers the spread but loses by 6. 26-20 in favor of the Gators is how I see this one playing out.

Dylan Goldman: I really think this game will be close from kickoff until the clock reads 0:00. I see the game being very low-scoring, and I think it will be tied after three quarters. But I think Miami’s inexperience will show in the 4th, and I think Florida pulls away and wins 23-17.

Candis McLean: Saturday night’s game will be a hard-fought war with a wealth of talent on both sides of the ball. My prediction is 24-16 in favor of the Canes. Miami enters the game in a much better position to stop the run than the Gators. Teams succeed with a balanced approach, great defense, and a habit for creating turnovers. I think Miami will be that team on Saturday.

Kevin Fielder: I think the Hurricanes, with a new head coach and some inexperience around the field will start of slow. I expect the game to be a defensive slugfest, with both teams showing their defensive prowess to the other. The Gators will go into halftime leading 14-3, with the Hurricanes offense failing to get going and Jarren Williams showing some expected nerves. However, in the second half the offense will begin to turn it on. A third quarter passing touchdown from Williams to Brevin Jordan will put the Hurricanes level with the Gators at 17. In the fourth quarter, DeeJay Dallas will put on a clinic and score the game-winning touchdown midway through the quarter. After that, the defense will shut down the Gators and win the game. Final score: 24-20 Canes.

Dylan Sherry: Sadly, I don’t see Miami winning, but I see it ending by a close score. I think a close contest will benefit us in the long run. If Florida ends up having a great season, it’ll show us that we’re capable of playing with the ‘big boys’ which is important progress for a new coach, system, and staff. I see the ‘Canes falling to Gators by a score of 24-20.

Those are our predictions. Vote in the poll and let your prediction be known, too!.


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