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BREAKING: Turnover Chain 3.0 represents the “305”


The new Turnover Chain
Tim Brogdon, Miami Athletics

Many questions circulated about what Manny Diaz had up his sleeve for the third edition of the Hurricanes infamous turnover chain and it appears that we have our answer.

A gleaming “305” Cuban link came out of the highly secured box and made it’s debut tonight on national television after Scott Patchan recovered a fumble early in the 2nd quarter.

The ‘305’ charm weighs 500 grams (half a kilogram), while the chain itself weighs two kilograms. The charm is roughly 10 inches wide. There are more than 2,000 white sapphire stones in the ‘305’ charm.

Turnover Chain 3.0 took roughly three months to complete.

Manny Diaz first brought out the original turnover chain in 2017, which featured the “U” logo and it was followed by a drastic improvement in turnovers by the Hurricanes defense. The iconic Miami Hurricanes relic has been improved over the last two seasons and this year was no different.