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Miami QB Jarren Williams is accepting tough coaching the way he should

Dan Enos’ comments hardly fazed the redshirt freshman quarterback

NCAA Football: Florida at Miami Jasen Vinlove-USA TODAY Sports

Dan Enos made headlines with his tough criticism of his first time starting quarterback Jarren Williams during Monday’s coaches press conference.

The Hurricanes offensive coordinator said that Williams didn't play well enough to win and was very inconsistent with his eyes, posture, and decision making. He also noted that he missed open wide receivers.

His comments threw Hurricanes social media into a frenzy, with some unable to understand how a coach could speak that way publicly about his quarterback that played well in the eyes of many and others defending the hard-nosed, old school mentality that Enos chose to display Monday.

Today, Williams met with the media for the first time since the game ended Saturday and was confronted with questions about his coaches approach.

“He was right, you know. My job, the quarterback, we’re judged on if we win or how many games we win or lose and, you know, we came up short and I had a lot of mistakes in the game.” Williams said on his coaches comments.

Enos is a “perfectionist,” according to Williams, and he makes sure to let his players know if they fall short of his standard.

“He expects perfection. We rep it day in and day out and, you know, that's what he expects from us and thats what we need...I love that, you know, because I feel like it’s going to make me great in the long run.”

The important thing is that the Hurricanes quarterback can look back on this game and take so much away from the mistakes he made.

“The biggest thing is when the pocket does break down and you go to the next play, you still got to trust the pocket. Trust the pocket because, you know on that next play you might have a big play...If it didn't go right the first play, you come back on the second play and still got to trust the pocket and stay in there and find the open guy.”

And he remains in high spirits about his young offensive line. Williams believes that they did a “really good job” and that it was a valuable experience for the unit. Facing off against a defensive line as talented as Florida’s will only making the offensive line better.

I don’t think you could ask for a better response from a quarterback. Williams is clearly somebody who understands the coaches standards, specifically Enos’, and understands that he needs to be better.

He didn’t pout about being criticized publicly by his position coach, but rather accepted and understood that he was right to say what he did and agreed that he needed to be better.

The mentality has certainly changed around the program, and Williams is a prime example of that.

The Hurricanes are on a bye this week and will be visiting North Carolina to kick off conference play Saturday Sep. 7th at 7:00 p.m.