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Interview With Dyme Lyfe Founder and Former Miami Hurricane D.J. Williams

Sat down with D.J. Williams to talk about Dyme Lyfe event on the 18th, and also his thoughts on the Miami-Florida game.

D.J. Williams celebrates sack of Ingle Martin Photo by Eliot J. Schechter/Getty Images

D.J Williams was the number one recruit in the nation for the 2000 recruiting class before signing with the Canes. Williams played all four years at Miami, was a two-time First-Team Big East selection at linebacker in 2002 and 2003. D.J. was also part of the 2001 National Championship team for the Hurricanes. He was drafted 17th overall by the Denver Broncos in the 2004 NFL Draft. Williams spent 11 seasons with the Broncos and Chicago Bears.

What’s this event you guys (Dyme Lyfe) have coming up?

“Yeah, we have the Drain The Swamp Cookout on Sunday, August 18th. We partnered with J Wakefield Brewing and Hate Mondays BBQ, gonna be a great event. The event will be going from 4pm-8pm at J Wakefield Brewery in Wynwood (120 NW 24th St). The way that the tailgate is structured, you pay $30 and you get a ticket, that ticket gets you one beer, a plate, a Turnover Chain. We also have a local artist named Beau, he’s going to be at the event doing a live painting. And the ticket that you purchase puts you in the raffle to win the painting.”

“We were thinking, what could we do that’s different? For each kickoff game, we like to make a shirt that’s somewhat of a collectors item, and this year we decided to do a shirt titled “Canes Gator Shack.” And we designed the shirt, and on the back it has all the ways you can eat gator. So we thought about taking it a step further, and we were like, “why not throw a tailgate, and cook an actual gator?” I did a taste test last week, it’s amazing! We’re gonna have gator tacos, he has this gator Cuban sandwich which is crazy! We’re gonna have the actual gator on the grill cooking. We’ll have other dishes there that aren’t actual gator. J Wakefield is also dropping an IPA called “Drain The Swamp.” “

“We’re gonna have a lot of alumni there. Brett Romberg is coming, Jonathan Vilma, Antrel Rolle. Few guys are tentative, Vernon Carey, Bryant McKinnie, Willis McGahee, Edgerrin James. But there will be 5-6 other guys that come in late.”

I tried to do this on campus, but when I said I wanted to cook a whole gator they weren’t too thrilled. We knew we were gonna get some backlash, but hey, we wouldn't be the U if we didn't do things like that.”

Is there anything else that Dyme Lyfe is trying to do this year?

“We’re starting this new series called “Tailgate Crashers.” This is where Dyme Lyfe is gonna choose a tailgate for each Canes home game and crash it. We’re going to ask fans to submit videos as to why Dyme Lyfe should choose your tailgate. We’re gonna come thru, we’ll have Dyme Lyfe gifts, but we want to do something for the fans and find those people that really love UM, that have been in this for a while. We’re gonna showcase your tailgate, this is about the fan. We’ll ask about your traditions, dishes, special drinks, interview the person ahead of the tailgate. We’re also gonna compete against them in a handful of tailgate games, beer-pong, corn-hole, etc. And if they beat Dyme Lyfe, they’re going to get a Dyme Lyfe gift card. We’ll also do a trivia at the end, the more you win the more you get. We’re also making exclusive shirts and hats that’ll say “Tailgate Veteran.” Then all those tailgaters who were chosen, they’ll get put into a raffle, and the winner gets two tickets to whatever bowl game the Hurricanes go to.”

“For the UF game, we’re going to do a watch party at Racket, which is next to J Wakefield. They’re going to have beer pong, corn hole, and the tailgate/watch party should start around 3.”

“We plans also to bring back the OTH podcast. We had to revamp it a little bit, cause ESPN has Vilma over there all the time, and Trel had twins, so Romberg and I are bringing it back. We’re going to try and do multiple watch parties, multiple events. I want it to be more of a family fun event.”

Have any predictions for the game?

“None. This is the first game of the season, winning is most important. I don't care how you win, just as long as you win. I understand how important this is for the confidence of the team. They finished 7-6 last year, it wasn’t pretty. It took me awhile to understand how poor last year really was. Things you should never attack to the University of Miami. I do believe the this game will be very physical. A lot of these guys know each other, grew up with each other. I’m just excited man. First game under coach Manny Diaz, and I'm excited.”