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Why I agree with Coach Manny Diaz’s new meaning behind “Committing to Miami”

Coach Manny Diaz has implemented a new meaning behind being committed to this university, and why it is only beneficial.

NCAA Football: Florida at Miami Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports

There is no secret that the Miami Hurricanes, in recent years, have witnessed a plethora of de-commits during recruiting. We have witnessed players visit our campus multiple times and give our staff hope in their commitment to Miami, and end up going elsewhere.

In recent years, Miami has missed out on so much local talent that has flourished within their first year at other programs, and it must come to an end. Enter Coach Manny Diaz, who doesn't want his commits to visit other programs and doesn't want the Miami offer to be a given.

He doesn't want a “Miami” offer to be a domino effect, that leads to other big time schools keen in on these local athletes that we discover first, he doesn't want you pledging your commitment to Miami and still consider other universities, and he doesn't want the University of Miami to be an average program. The Alabama’s, The Clemson’s, The Oklahoma’s, and The Ohio State’s of this level very rarely have de-commits (and if they do, its because they might even have an upgrade ready at that position). These top programs aren’t in favor of letting you visit other schools when you represent them; they are the ones that have other school commits visit them, and then have an ability to flip them if they want.

When you get offers from those schools, they immediately are at the top of your list, no matter where you are In the country, and that is what it needs happen here at the University of Miami. It is a fact that some of the greatest athletes are from the Sunshines State, but its impossible to get all that talent, especially when you aren't a top tier program at the moment.

Miami is in a situation where they can't rely on the local talent to drop all the other big time offers and them staying committed to Miami, and quite frankly you can't blame them. Miami is 7-11 in its last 18 games played. Until that record is completely rearranged, we can't expect top recruits to come.

Miami has always managed some top talent in different areas in each recruiting class, and yet some of those players aren't in our backyard. As of now I believe we must focus on the best talent that we can get, especially if that means getting the DeeJay Dallas’, Jarren Williams’, and K.J. Osborns’ of the world, who truly love this program and are game changers, and are players out of state. We cannot be a school that waits till National Signing Day to determine If our recruiting class will be top 12 in the nation or top 25. We have missed on so much talent that we “thought“ we would land, and it hasn't helped this program.

I truly love what Coach Diaz is doing to this program, but it all starts with winning football games. It is clear that their are still players on this team that don't belong, and it will take time to shape this roster around into true Miami Hurricanes who understand what it means to wear that “U“ on the side of the helmet and play for that name on the front and back of their jersey.