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Miami Hurricanes News and Notes: Silvera close to returning, Wallpapers of the week, looking ahead to Central Michigan

Your Thursday roundup, Canes

State of the U Illustration by Mike Meredith

Good morning! Let’s get into your Miami Hurricanes news and notes for September 19th.

DT Nesta Silvera close to returning to action

A top-of-the-rotation player at DT in line for a big role this season, sophomore Nesta Jade Silvera has been out since having foot surgery in August. But, after missing much of Miami’s fall camp and first 3 games of the year, Silvera looks to be heading toward a return to the field.

Miami head coach Manny Diaz said that Silvera was back at practice on Wednesday (along with LB Patrick Joyner, it should be noted) so things are progressing well. Marshall Thomas is VERY excited to get big #1 back on the field for the Canes.

Kicking game fix?

We all know that Bubba Baxa has struggled this year. He’s 4/8 on FGs, but only 1/4 inside 30 yards. Yes, there are wider hash marks in college so closer kicks can have a very acute angles which make them tough, but still......that mark on close kicks isn’t very good.

So, what can be done to fix the issue? Apart from Baxa getting his act, and technique, together, what if another kicker was used at times? Our guy Carl Bleich wrote this interesting piece evaluating the merits of potentially having 2 kickers: one for short FGs and one for longer kicks.

Bubba Baxa has a very strong leg, and he’s great on kickoff and extra points. That hasn’t necessarily transferred over to FGs on a consistent basis, however. So, what do you think about the situation? Check Carl’s piece out and then let me know!

New Wallpapers and the Gallery!

Every week, our incredible graphic designer Mike Meredith comes up with amazing designs for all kinds of things. This week’s Wallpaper Wednesday graphics — for Jimmy Murphy and DeeJay Dallas (the cover photo to this piece) — are no exception.

Instead of embedding those graphics here, I want to let you know that we’ve created a SOTU Wallpaper Gallery with ALL of Mike’s incredible designs from the 2019 in one place! So you can scroll through and see everything that he’s already made, and you’ll have a place to go to see the rest of them in the future as well!

Excited? Cool. Click this link and feast your eyes!

Blips on the Radar

Mike Seay and Mike Meredith tag teamed this week’s game photo gallery from Miami-Bethune.

How do the FBS teams in Florida stack up after 3 weeks? Check out the Sunshine State 7 power rankings by Carl Bleich

Some Highlights from the 63-0 win over Bethune Cookman

A bit of bad news for a Miami Hurricanes commit as DT Willie Moise will miss the remainder of his senior year with a shoulder injury. Here’s hoping for a swift recovery as Moise transitions to the college level next year.

Defending Tennis Singles National Champion Estela Perez-Somarriba opens the 2019 season ranked 2nd. Teammate Daevenia Achong enters the year ranked 80th.

And it will be easy for spectators to see Perez-Somarriba, Achong, and all the women’s and men’s tennis match scores and replays thanks to the largest Datronics installed scoreboard in the United States, courtesy of Wayne and Cynthia Boich.

Where is the US Women’s National Basketball holding team practices right now? The U, of course!

And that, my friends, is that!

Enjoy your day, Canes!