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Game Thread: College Football Playoff Championship Game

The last CFB game of the year, you guys!

COLLEGE FOOTBALL: JAN 13 CFP National Championship - LSU v Clemson Photo by Todd Kirkland/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images

Hello friends! It’s time for the CFP Championship game, and you’re watching, so we figured “hey, let’s do a season-ending game thread!” And here we are.

LSU Tigers vs Clemson Tigers. 2 teams Miami played recently (Clemson in the ACCCG in 2017, and LSU to open the 2018 season). And while Miami once shared the field with these teams, their programs couldn’t be further from ours at the moment if we tried.

What will you be watching most tonight? Who do you WANT to win? And what, in your mind, REALISTICALLY needs to happen for Miami make it to this kind of stage again? Oh,, and play some CFP Championship game Bingo while you watch.

Enjoy the show.

Go Canes