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Alonzo Highsmith says things “fell through” and was “all speculation” with Miami

Alonzo Highsmith shares some details about his talks with the Miami Hurricanes front office.

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Los Angeles Rams v Cleveland Browns Photo by: 2019 Nick Cammett/Diamond Images via Getty Images

It seemed like a match made in heaven. With the Miami Hurricanes ending 2019 in an embarrassing fashion, Alonzo Highsmith returning to Miami was a reunion that fans and former players clamored for. After weeks of rumors and reports, the window for the Miami legend to assume a role in the program has been shut.

The 54-year-old NFL executive corresponded with The Athletic about the breakdown in talks with the Miami brass.

“It fell through because it was all speculation,” Highsmith asserted in a text with The Athletic. “We never agreed to any deals. I’ve given the athletic department advice on many things and met with Blake on several issues because I’m in the NFL. It was all exploratory and interesting, but we never discussed a contract and I was never offered a job.”

Highsmith was never offered a job. There was simply a cluster of exploratory conversations about the status of the program. This reveal is interesting considering the daily reports about a deal being imminent and intensified talks between both parties. The text also counters Blake James’ claim that he “approached him about an opportunity to join our team.” Regardless of conflicting sentiments, the chance to have a man with 20 years of scouting experience in the program has been squandered. Even though he was never offered a role, Highsmith still has several thoughts on how the five-time National Champions can improve.

“Finding better players...Coaches coaching better.”

With the addition of Jose Borregales, the hiring of Rhett Lashlee and Garlin Justice, and hosting huge transfers like D’Eriq King, it appears that Miami is attempting to follow that script.