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Manny Diaz’s Adjustments and Additions Show His Promise and Commitment

Diaz’s offseason adjustments and additions have generated some much-needed excitement surrounding the program. 

NCAA Football: Miami at Duke James Guillory-USA TODAY Sports

While the 2019 season was far from glamorous and successful, important changes have been made, and new talent has been added to the roster shortly after the conclusion of the decade.

When a team is struggling, stubbornness can be its worst enemy. This dilemma can be found during Al Golden’s tenure as head coach of the ‘Canes, as well as Manny Diaz’s predecessor, Mark Richt. The inability to adapt kept Miami from progressing—continuing the mediocrity that the program has been trapped for over a decade.

The mistakes and poor-decisions of former coaches make Diaz’s recent moves that much more impactful.

Diaz seems to have made adjustments in every area that kept the ‘Canes from winning more than 6-games in 2019, with the most blatant and obvious being the offense.

Enter Rhett Lashlee, arguably the most important addition to the ‘Canes staff in recent memory. Lashlee, unlike former-offensive coordinator Dan Enos, has numbers and stats to back up his scheme. Miami didn’t just pick up an up-and-comer—they added a coach with an offense that has the ability to steamroll defenses. Now, armed with standout transfer quarterback D’Eriq King, Miami has something truly special on their hands. It’s apparent that Miami has completely revamped their offense, also adding a new offensive line coach in Garin Justice.

Of course, these changes only matter if they result in more on-field success and wins, but Diaz’s want and will to get better should be recognized. For a first-time head coach, it’s reassuring to see Manny Diaz understand that the team needs help, especially when Miami’s previous coaches took the arrogant and stubborn approach. These are the kinds of steps that successful coaches take, even if it doesn’t produce the instant results everybody wishes they could see.