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Brevin Jordan Will Be Key Part In Rhett Lashlee’s Offense

Look for Miami’s talented tight end to thrive in Rhett Lashlee’s offense

Virginia v Miami Photo by Mark Brown/Getty Images

As the Miami Hurricanes were looking for a new offensive coordinator, one of the main questions been asked was how would this new OC use tight end Brevin Jordan? Through his first two years, Jordan has emerged as one of the top TE’s in college football, and Miami has been looking for someone that would use him in the most effective way possible.

You’ll be relieved to know, that recently hired Rhett Lashlee, does in fact use tight ends in his offense. In 2019, the former SMU OC targeted his TE Kylen Granson quite often, as he became one of the Mustangs top receiving options. Granson finished the year with 43 catches, 721 yards, 9 touchdowns, while averaging 16.8 yards per catch.

While you may see many spread offense teams not utilize their tight ends too much, that wasn’t the case with Lashlee and SMU this past year, as you could see clear as day, that Granson was one of the main weapons on offense.

Jordan on the other hand, finished 2019 with 35 catches, 495 yards with only 2 touchdowns, and yet he was still a finalist for the John Mackey Award. Though he was barely used in the Dan Enos offense, you clearly saw how talented of a tight end he is, and I believe he can be the best from that position to ever come out of Miami.

At SMU, Lashlee and SMU quarterback Shane Buechele used Branson and his athleticism in a variety of ways. The Mustangs have several plays designed specifically for Branson, like here against Memphis.

As a former receiver, Granson probably has a little more speed than Jordan, but that didn’t stop Miami using Brevin in similar play calls. In 2019, one of the more effective plays the Hurricanes would run was this screen to Jordan.

A reason why Granson was so deadly for the Mustangs offense, was that Lashlee was able to line him up in a plethora of ways. Whether it was out wide as a slot receiver, h-back, or on the line as a basic tight end, they were able to create a mismatch for the defense wherever they put Granson. Like here against East Carolina, Granson is lined out wide, and the defensive back is no match for him, as he runs right by him for a touchdown.

Jordan is the same way, he’s too big for defensive backs, and he’s too fast for any linebacker, so you can line him up in anywhere. Against Virginia Tech, Miami lined Jordan up out wide several times, and he was able to get around the defenders, on his way to his best game of 2019.

But also, in this touchdown he scored against the Gators, Jordan was lined up right on the line of scrimmage. So the fact that you can place him pretty much anywhere, will definitely be a plus for Lashlee.

The biggest thing about Jordan and this offense, is that Lashlee is going to make him a priority, and target him several times per game. One thing that’s clear when watching film on Lashlee’s past offenses, if something is working, he’ll continue to go to it, and he’ll put the ball into the hands of his best players. If Jordan can average at least five catches per game in 2020, you’ll see a much more productive Hurricanes offense.