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Student of the Game Video Series: Miami vs. Clemson (2nd Half)

42-17. You know the outcome by now of the Miami Hurricanes vs. Clemson Tigers contest. Were 2nd half adjustments made? Clemson is well coached.

Miami v Louisville Photo by Andy Lyons/Getty Images

Before we get started on this Student of the Game 2nd half edition, please click the link below to see the commentary and video from the first half.

The second half wasn’t particularly better. When you finished the game with only 9 first downs and only 210 total yards on offense you tip your cap and move on. Clemson’s game plan was executed to perfection.

They dared D’Eriq King to stay in the pocket and beat you on the outside. Your tight ends were your pass catching dynamos coming into this contest but bracket after bracket, safety shaded over top of them, to hell and high water you had to make plays on the outside.

Miami simply didn’t pitch and catch well enough on the outside or win the 50/50 balls that it needed to. Clemson simply took away the strength of your team and made you adjust. This can be a pivotal point for the Hurricanes program moving forward.

Do you adapt and overcome? Or do you regress and treat fans to the quagmire we have endured the past decade or so. A lot will depend on how Miami’s offense regains it’s mojo after the Clemson Tigers decimated your standard operating procedure.

Grab your pencils and your popcorn again. The second half is on deck. Student of the Game is a tailor made series for the SOTU faithful. (And Clemson fans would probably get a kick out of it this week too)